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Self Storage Blog

    Get More Online Rentals by Realizing How Potential Tenants Buy

    StoragePug at TechCruch Disrupt SF 2019

    How Can A Self Storage Manager Still Meet The Tenants Renting Online?

    How To Drive Up Rental Rates With A New Website

    How To Manage My Self Storage Online Social Media Reputation

    How Important are Cameras at Your Storage Facility?

    5 Reasons Why Every Self-Storage Facility Should Offer Auto-Pay

    Planning Your Self Storage Security Budget

    Value Based Pricing for the Best Self Storage Rental Experience

    Self Storage Kiosk | 8 Ways a Website is More Effective

    StoragePug Client Feature: Spaceman Self-Storage

    Investing In, Renting Out, Marketing Portable Storage

    StoragePug is Attending the 11th Annual TNSSA Legal Conference & Expo

    Portable Garages: House Your Car with Ease

    StoragePug and the Value Pricing Panel at the Fall SSA Conference

    Storage Tips When Using Portable Storage Containers

    How Big of a Portable Storage Container Do I Need to Move?​

    The Young and the Restless: the Typical Portable Storage Renter

    Portable Storage Perfection: Selecting the Right Company for Your Needs

    StoragePug is Competing at the 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival

    3 Tips to Market your Portable Storage Containers

    Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

    2019 Self Storage Association's Annual Fall Conference & Trade Show!

    The Big 3 Uses for Portable Self Storage

    3 Gotcha's for New Portable Storage Owners

    Fauxcility - Managing Your Portable Storage Business

    Do I Need To Rent A Portable Self Storage Container?

    Selecting the Right Delivery System for Your Portable Storage Business

    Finding and Selecting Portable Storage Containers

    The 2019 3rd Quarter TNSSA Luncheon is on the Horizon

    Four Lifestyles that Pair Nicely with Portable Storage

    Expenses Each Portable Self Storage Business Owner Needs to Know

    What You Need to Know Before Going Live with Your Portable Storage Business

    Traditional Self Storage vs. Portable Storage

    2019 Missouri Self Storage Owners Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow Prep Post!

    2019 Arkansas Self Storage Association State Convention Prep Sheet!

    Top Seven Cities to Start a Portable Storage Business

    So You Want to Rent Portable Storage Units: Your Quick-Reference Guide

    How Businesses Can Use Portable Storage Units

    Portable Storage: The Versatile and Scalable Hobby Business You Didn't Know Was Possible

    Is Portable Storage A Good Investment?

    How Portable Storage Containers Solve Problems for Retail Businesses

    How To Increase Revenue by Offering Portable Storage At Your Facility

    How Many Portable Storage Containers Do I Need As A Starting Investment?

    Getting Started with Portable Storage Investing

    Expanding into Portable Storage

    Introducing StorageCat: A Better Way to Store Your Cat [April 1st, 2019]

    Increase Your Revenue by Offering More Ways to Rent Storage Units

    Should My Storage Facility Have a Yelp Page?

    What is Google My Business for Self Storage?

    Why the Google 3 Pack Is Crucial for Storage Facility Marketing

    How Reviews Help Your Storage Facility Rank in the Google 3 Pack

    Self Storage Kiosk: Considerations before Investing

    How to Rank in the Google 3 Pack

    7 Ways to boost your Self Storage ROI by offering online rentals

    What is Local SEO

    Self Storage Social Media Essentials

    Should My Storage Facility Have a Facebook Business Page?

    What are Local Listings?

    How to Set Up a Google Review Link for Your Self Storage Facility

    Use Local SEO to Get Your Self-Storage Facility Found

    Top 3 Ways to Show up on the Google 3 Pack

    Getting to Know Your
 Consumer Trends in Self Storage

    Self Storage Customer Experience: Online Curb Appeal

    Six Ways to Improve Your Self Storage PPC Campaigns

    Self Storage Facebook Ads: Re-targeting and Lookalike Audiences

    6 Ways to Get Competitor Pricing for Self-Storage Facilities

    Why Should I Have a Website If My Self-storage Facility Isn’t Open Yet?

    10 Reasons Why Your Self Storage Website Should Offer Online Rentals

    Self Storage Investing Playbook: Part 2 Operations [Free eBook]

    Storagepug Recognized as One of Top Tennessee Tech Companies to Watch

    Self Storage Investing Playbook: Part 1 Building and Acquisitions

    Increase Your Revenue by Offering Portable Storage at Your Facility

    Unmanned Storage Facility: 7 Reasons a Kiosk isn't Necessary

    What You Should Do If a Tenant Is Living in a Unit

    Choose a Name for your Storage Facility | Show Up on Page 1 of Google

    5 Quick and Easy Tips on Pricing Your Self Storage Units

    Self Storage Advertising: Facebook Ads

    Should I Do an Operational Audit of My Storage Facility?

    Mentions Tracking: What are People Saying About Your Storage Facility?

    How Online Rentals Lead to More and Better Reviews

    Target Audience Building for Self Storage [Digital Marketing]

    10 Benefits of Investing in Portable Storage

    Incentivize your Facility Manager to get Tenant Reviews

    Monitoring your Reviews

    How to Handle Bad Reviews

    How Online Reviews Affect Your Self Storage Facility

    5 Ways to Enhance Security at your Self Storage Business

    Self Storage Digital Marketing Plan: 10 Things to Include

    [SiteLink API] Rent Portable Storage Containers on your Website

    Automating Your Mini Storage Facility

    Are promotions and discounts beneficial to my storage facility?

    Should I Use Push Rate Pricing? [Online Rentals]

    What are the Best Places to get Reviews for Storage Facilities?

    StoragePug Founders Featured on SouthFound Podcast

    Online Rentals for Self Storage | Cart Abandonment

    Showcasing Reviews on Your Self Storage Website

    How to Handle Negative Self Storage Reviews

    Online Rentals for Portable Storage | SiteLink API Integration

    StoragePug Wins $10k at Innov865's Startup Day 2018

    Self Storage Operational Audit: 19 Items to Ensure Accuracy

    Rent Exchange: Should You Barter With Units At Your Storage Facility?

    Taking Your Self Storage Facility into the Age of Digital Marketing

    StoragePug Launches New Website

    StoragePug is Competing in Innov865's Pitch Competition 2018

    Engage Self Storage Customers by Showcasing your top Amenities

    Determining if Live Chat can Help Your Self Storage Business

    Self Storage Marketing Playbook [Free eBook]

    The Power of Online Reviews for Self Storage

    Self Storage Management Software Checklist

    Maximize Self Storage Profits with Tenant Insurance Plans

    Self Storage Security Systems: Examining the Importance and Cost

    Finding Your New Self Storage Location

    Exploring the ROI of Solar Power for Self Storage Facilities

    Benefits of Converting Existing Buildings into Self Storage

    A Successful Storage Facility Starts with Your Manager

    How to Handle a Problem Tenant at your Storage Facility

    How to Hire a Great Self Storage Property Manager

    8 Reasons Your Storage Facility Should Offer Online Rentals

    Owning a Self Storage Facility: How to get Started Building

    5 Things to Consider Before Building a Storage Facility

    Should I Sell Moving and Packing Supplies at My Storage Facility

    Evaluating Self Storage Third-Party Management

    Resident Self Storage Managers: Pros and Cons

    When to Increase Self Storage Unit Rates

    The Importance of Professional Photography for your Storage Facility

    Setting Marketing Goals for Your Self Storage Manager

    Self Storage Call Tracking: Track ROI of Marketing & Ad Spend

    Self Storage Management Software: Streamline your Storage Facility

    Free Move in Truck: Attract New Self Storage Tenants

    Decoding Self Storage Technology in 2018

    Self Storage Kiosk vs. Marketing Website: Which is Better for Your Self Storage Facility?

    Is AdWords worth it for Self Storage?

    Self Storage Owners | Why the Self Storage Association (SSA) is for You

    Self Storage Social Media Marketing

    Why Your Self Storage Facility Needs a Modern Website

    7 Ways to Get Your Self Storage Customers to Refer New Tenants [Self Storage Marketing]

    Self Storage Discounts to Increase your Occupancy

    Self Storage Digital Marketing: Measuring your Efforts

    Referral Incentives for Self Storage Facilities

    5 Ways to Increase Occupancy at your Storage Facility

    Self Storage Marketing: Creating PPC Campaigns that are Effective

    Self Storage SEO: How to find the Best Keywords [Step-by-Step Guide]

    7 Traits Your Self Storage Manager Needs to Have

    Obtaining Positive Reviews for Self Storage Facilities

    Using Billboards Effectively For Your Self Storage Facility

    Yellow Pages: Still an Effective Strategy for Self Storage Facilities?

    Are Marketing Flyers Still An Effective Way of Advertising for Self Storage Facilities?

    7 Self Storage Marketing Ideas [Quick Article]

    Managing your Self Storage Online Reputation

    Convert More Self Storage Tenants with Live Chat

    7 Easy Digital Marketing Methods for Self Storage

    How long does it take to see results from SEO for Storage Facilities [Quick Article]

    Community Marketing and your Storage Facility

    The Importance of Geo-Location SEO for Your Storage Business

    ADA Standards for Self Storage Providers

    Drone Photography: Outshine your Self Storage Competitors

    SEO Best Practices

    Customizable Colors, Logos, and Content

    Self Storage Websites that are Fast, Modern, and StoragePug-Managed

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Enable Discounts on Website

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Online Bill Pay

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Schedule Move Out Date Online

    Self Storage Websites | 8 Ways to Convert Leads [Free eBook]

    Security with SSL Encryption

    Free Cloud Hosting with Google and Amazon

    Regular Updates to all of Our Self Storage Clients

    SiteLink Recommended Hardware

    [SiteLink API Integration] Online Rentals for Self Storage Facilities

    Guaranteed Site Refresh: Future Proof

    Month to Month Billing - No Contracts

    Self Storage Websites: Sitemaps - Why They Matter

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Offer Tenant Insurance on your Self Storage Website

    [SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Prepay for a Unit

    [SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Update Tenant Account Info

    Feature Request - We Add Features That Our Clients Want

    Contact Information on Self Storage Websites

    PugCMS - Website Content Management

    [SiteLink API Integration] Storage Unit Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits

    Design that Works for the Best Self Storage Websites

    [SiteLink API Integration] Offer Discounts on your Self Storage Website

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Online Autopay Setup

    The Importance of a Responsive Self Storage Website

    Customizable Email Alerts

    Claim Your Account with Gate Code

    Urgency Badge: Increase Online Conversion Rates

    PugSign: Self Storage Online Lease Signing

    Sitelink Web Edition Authorize.net Setup

    SiteLink Web Edition Remote Gate Code Setup

    SiteLink API: How to Create a User

    Self Storage Talk: Live Oak Bank