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Employee Stories

I’ve been a product designer for more than 8 years, and in the last couple of years - I’ve found my place at StoragePug.

I do work with the best team I’ve ever been a part of. Our growth in the last year shows how much our collaboration between sales, onboarding, customer success, design, and development is successful and how our team effort matters to make a big win.

We make products for everyone in the storage business, from tenants to clients, no matter who - we care about people - and as result, everyone loves to be a Pug. Being part of this team makes me really proud.

Ana Director of Design

Employee Stories

2020 was a rough year for everyone, but this was one of the (few) bright spots for me.

The sheer amount of personal and professional growth afforded by working at StoragePug is something I'm incredibly grateful for.

Alex Product Specialist

Employee Stories

Finally, a place I love to work at! Every member of the team is hardworking, fun, and just easy to get along with.

I've never been so inspired by a team, and I never wanted to come into work - until now. There is so much potential at StoragePug if you're willing to show up, work hard, and dream big. StoragePug is going places, and I'm glad to be on the team!

Director of Marketing

Employee Stories

The culture of open communication means everything to me.

In my whole career, I have never encountered another place where honest feedback is always taken into account and acted on! It is an amazing experience to be part of the fun, fast, familiar team where each of the promises is real thing. It is a refreshing feeling to be glad to work on impactful stuff every day.

Tomasz Senior Product Manager

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