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Your Success Stories

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How Tom's positive experience produced growth

"StoragePug transformed my life and business. I love being loved...and StoragePug does that so well. It inspires me to treat my tenants the same way! We grew over 30% last year."

"I love being loved"


Tom Gandee

All Seasons Self Storage

How Cheyenne increased tenant satisfaction

"Argus was looking for better communication and functionality in a web partner.

StoragePug stands out as you have a highly responsive support team that provides valuable information about why something went wrong and how to avoid or resolve it in the future."

"If you work in marketing and want to improve the functionality of your website for tenants, I would take action now!"


Cheyenne Levy

Argus Professional Storage Management

How Hugh reduced stress and increased online rentals

"One of the things I stress to all of our employees, all of our managers... service seems to be a dying concept in this country. It's never been that way with StoragePug. If we have a question, if we have something we don't understand or don't like, or something like that- it is so easy to work with StoragePug, so that part of it just makes us happy that we started when we did with StoragePug, and have stayed with them.

I have less stress because of the easy working relationship with the friendly and knowledgeable StoragePug staff.

It was important for me to work with someone that was growth-minded, like us.

"Our online rentals and online payments have grown considerably."


Hugh Bellomy

AAA Storage Greenville

How Timothy scaled his business and relieved stress

"Having the Pug team manage our website has taken a lot off of my plate and has been a big stress reliever.

The ability for our customers to make online rentals and even set up auto-pay really helps us stand out. We appear to be less of a start-up or mom-and-pop operation and more like one of the big boys.

Not to sound cliche, but I feel like I'm working with friends when I deal with the Pug team, not just another business."

"I feel like I'm working with friends when I deal with the Pug team"


Timothy O'Conner

Storage Pup

How Stephanie streamlined her storage operations

We were using another company but were not getting the results we were hoping for. We felt like a number and not a priority. Response time to changes were taking too long and the design was very basic. We had asked for a revamp to include Coming Soon locations and simply weren't happy with what they came up with.

We heard about StoragePug at the Tennessee Self Storage Association first and then visited with them several times at different self storage shows.

We LOVE the excitement and innovation of this team. I sat with Tommy for a presentation in Knoxville in September and I was so impressed with what they could offer us.

These guys are excited about what they do. Not only do they make recommendations and offer solutions that will work best for my business needs and goals, they also listen! Their response time is extremely timely too.

We immediately saw a new, fresh user friendly design. The use of images is fantastic and our brand is well represented. And you don't lose the appeal if you are on your phone. Our site is great from a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

I don't have to worry about how my site is performing. I see it every day with the tools they provide. They also know what properties need special attention and they are working with me to make sure my advertising is in line with my digital competitors.

"This team is FUN, excited, motivated and love what they do!"


Stephanie Tharpe

A+ Storage

How Barry drives 35% of his rentals online

We needed to upgrade our websites to a mobile first design and StoragePug delivered.  Thanks to Tommy and his team, we now have a unique and fresh look that not only matches our brand but is also leaps and bounds beyond where we were.  

We researched several other larger companies for this service and found StoragePug to be a perfect fit for who we are and where we wanted to go. During the design and build process, Tommy and the StoragePug team have been completely open and responsive to our ideas, implementing many features that help us beat our competition.

They are without a doubt a big part of our success.  I highly recommend them, 5 stars!

"Our websites drive over a third of our rentals and also serve our existing customers with online bill pay and account management."


Barry Raber

Bargain Storage

How Jim quit worrying and embraced better results

"StoragePug proactively helps us improve. Onboarding new stores is so easy compared to older providers.

If you're tired of getting excuses from your current service provider then make the switch to StoragePug, and the results will speak for themselves."

"I don't worry about our website, which lets me focus on growing our business."


Jim Berry

USA Storage Centers

How Trish improved her Google ranking and has increased her industry knowledge

"StoragePug is one of my secret weapons!

StoragePug provides superior customer service with almost immediate responses.

I was looking for better results in Google ranking with a site that looks different from my competitors.

The education I have received through GabFocus is better than all other webinars I have been a part of."

"I love the positive energy that comes from the Pug team. It motivates me to be better at what I do here."


Trish Abraham

A Storage House

How Jason leveled up marketing for Argus locations

"While you're technically a customer, they truly make you feel like they want to be a partner in your success."

"The customer service from the entire team at Storage Pug is unparalleled."


Jason Christley

Argus Professional Storage Management

How Ann offloaded her marketing efforts and boosted occupancy

I texted my entire family after I got off the phone with StoragePug. I am so happy. Their team is a resource that is taking a weight off my shoulders that I’ve been carrying for two and a half years. This position was laid in my lap rather suddenly, so for someone like me, who has little business experience, StoragePug is a lifesaver. I’m so glad I don’t have to reinvent the wheel anymore.

We’ve had a small storage facility that has required a great deal of facility and marketing attention. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult to market these last two years due to my own lack of experience. In a moment of sheer frustration, I Googled “How to market a small storage facility.” To my huge relief, I found StoragePug. This company is far beyond anything else I had found in the past. Their marketing actually works.

This young company has so much to offer to develop storage business websites, and how to do SEO. I don’t feel alone anymore in this venture because I know I have these guys at StoragePug.

"I finally have tenants coming to me instead of me attempting to go to them."

Near Me Storage Logo

Ann Wiens

Near Me Storage

How Jim turned traffic into monthly income

“These guys were one of the best decisions I’ve made as an operator. They convert rentals at a high percentage. They are the best in the business.

I have no complaints about StoragePug.


Jim Stinnett, GM

Bearcat Storage

How Michael maxed out his storage rentals

They know the Storage business. The owner is from a storage family, his partners are true friends. They make it a "family", "No One Left Behind" working partnership.

Easy user friendly systems just about maxed out rental units.

"Like the Greyhound Bus Service: 'Leave The Driving To Us'. That says it all."


Michael Spear

Storage Corral

How Matt reduced headaches and stress

Working with StoragePug is too easy. I can always get ahold of them quickly if I need to update something or make a change to my site.

I'll be honest, my business and life has been improved by partnering with StoragePug. I have relieved my stress of "making it in the Storage business" and gained some good friends which are always looking out for my best interests.

If you are a mom and pop Storage operator but want to be able to compete with the large REIT's, get ahold of StoragePug right away before you miss any more business!

"I have tripled my investment in StoragePug in online rentals alone, which makeup a little more than 10% of our business."


Matt Clark

StorSafe Self Storage

How Mark boosted occupancy increased property value by $100,000

We have been in the storage business for over 14 years and have never had a better experience than we have with StoragePug! We were looking for new storage software as ours was just not robust enough and did not center around our customers.

No one in the business understands storage customers better than StoragePug. Not only do we love the beauty, ease and maneuverability of the website and software, so do the customers! We repeatedly hear from our customers that they are happy we made the switch to StoragePug.

Our business is up on internet generated business. Also we are renting to tenants via our website and even talking to them - it has given us 24 hour coverage without having to man the phone.

We have increased the value of the properties by $50,000 to $100,000 by partnering with StoragePug.

"We’re keeping tenants longer and really increasing our occupancy."

Economy-Storage-Logo Square

Mark Foushee

Economy Storage

How Melanie collects online payments

Before StoragePug, we had no web support, unable to rent or reserve online, hard to read and navigate website, the list is long.

I like that any time I have a question or concern I can click or call and I get a response in no time. Website is great and customer service is phenomenal.

We get a lot more web traffic and that transforms into more rentals. Tenants love paying online now. Moe rentals and online payments because the website is so easy to navigate.

"StoragePug is a young, fresh, and innovative group."

Melanie Walker

Storage Corral

How Valerie collects payments easily and wins over customer trust

We have been using StoragePug for our company website now for 9 months. We can't say enough good things about Tommy and his team. Their customer service is outstanding! When we have a problem or question, we get an immediate response from StoragePug.

As a business owner, that is crucial to our business running smoothly. StoragePug also dug in and recently resolved a Google Maps issue that our company had been dealing with since we first opened. This was not an issue that was related to StoragePug in anyway, however they knew it was affecting our business and took the lead on helping us to get it fixed.

Our StoragePug website is very user friendly and the customers never have issues with paying bills or reserving units. We highly recommend StoragePug.

"The website interfaces with Sitelink software beautifully!"


Valerie Gayer

Kansas Expwy Self Storage

How Steve found the perfect culture fit

We had a decent website but the design was not done mobile first, which was the problem we were trying to solve. We also only had the ability to do online reservations and not rentals, which was another thing we were looking to do.

I interviewed several companies in addition to StoragePug. All of them could give us a similar end product but StoragePug felt more like us. Energetic, enthusiastic and easy to work with not to mention their pitch was by far more engaging to us than the others.

Working with StoragePug has been great. They are very responsive to any request and were so patient through the build process with all our rounds of changes. I think that would be where we get the most value. We are particular about our look and feel and StoragePug has been able to customize their produce to meet all our needs.

Our website is so easy to use and navigate that is has improved our connection with both new and existing customers because of their ease of use.

"For a smaller operator that needs a great website, it's a no brainer."


Steve Reed

Bargain Storage