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Fun. Fast. Familiar.
Know our story and our values.

We make self-storage as easy as Amazon makes the online shopping experience. We create a familiar, fun experience, and we’re fast and responsive! We love our jobs, and we love our customers.

We know our clients need a team of dedicated folks who know not only the ins and outs of self-storage but also how to fill units with renters and streamline the rental process. 

We empower people to find freedom in their lives and maximize potential.


We solve problems. We do what it takes to get things done. We fully commit to the task at hand, and we set the standard for our team.


Our clients entrust the growth of their businesses to us, and we entrust the success of the business to each other. 


We are never satisfied with good enough. We push ourselves and each other to improve our physical, emotional, and intellectual well being. 


As we journey together, we show up, fully committed. Our team is empowered to make decisions, act, and leave their mark. 


We care. No, seriously, our sincere and deeply held belief is that we are conduits of kindness and compassion to others, and we care about bringing joy to others. 

RELENTLESSLY DIG (to understand why)

We approach the world with curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. We passionately pursue truth and foster an environment of healthy, respectful debate.

Our story

Nearly half of Americans hate their jobs. They spend one-third of their lives going to places they dislike, working for people they don’t respect, and going through the motions of work that are utterly devoid of meaning. Thank goodness I hated my job. If I wasn’t fired, the company as we know it would be nothing more than a weekend project. While some may have thrown up their hands in despair, I embraced the opportunity to change the course of my life, on my own terms. 

See, my dad asked me to “help build a website to rent units online, for his self-storage facility in Knoxville, TN.” He’s not much of a “tech guy,” so he didn’t expect much out of this project but thought it might be something I could do. After a little bit of digging, however, we realized that folks like my dad don’t have the tools to run their businesses — because they didn’t exist. The little website project grew into a mission to bring the industry into the twentieth century. The Pug was born.

Tommy Nguyen and Richard Jeffords, former college friends, joined forces with me to build the Shopify of Self Storage, StoragePug. Why pugs? Because dating back to 400 BC, the Chinese read their wrinkles to symbolize loyalty, love, and fortune. And, well, truth is, I just love pugs. 

The vision was simple: make great, usable software with amazing people and love on people who believe we can help them.

We’re zealous about helping people. Great people in bad places make bad employees. We’ve built a culture that fosters mental, emotional, and professional growth. We help our clients grow their business. We help people who find themselves at a point of need to quickly and painlessly secure the right storage facility with our clients. Our souls are full because it makes us happy to make you happy.

Our 🚀 clients

"I don't have to worry about how my site is performing. I see it every day with the tools they provide. They also know what properties need special attention and they are working with me to make sure my advertising is in line with my digital competitors. This team is FUN, excited, motivated and love what they do!"

Stephanie Tharpe
President, A+ Management Group, LP

"They are without a doubt a big part of our success. I highly recommend them, 5 stars! Our websites drive over a third of our rentals and also serve our existing customers with online bill pay and account management."

Barry Raber
President, Bargain Storage

"I'll be honest, my business and life has been improved by partnering with StoragePug. I have relieved my stress of "making it in the Storage business" and gained some good friends which are always looking out for my best interests."

Matt Clark
Self Storage Development, Elmdale Partners

"Like the Greyhound Bus Service: 'Leave The Driving To Us'. That says it all."

Michael Spear
Owner, Storage Corral

"I no longer have to consume my days with analyzing our digital marketing campaigns, which has given me more time to spend with family and focus on other aspects of my business."

David Kampa
Managing Partner. Freeport Self Storage

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