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How do you set up an Apple Maps profile? Should you bother? What is Apple Business Connect? Learn where Apple fits in your marketing with StoragePug!

Carol Mixon-Krendl talks managers sales tactics and specifically how to be a better listener (and how to use that to improve your sales game).

Just how important are on-site managers to having great sales? Learn from our expert panelist Carol Mixon!


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A new pricing transparency law in California is going to directly affect how self storage operators can advertise rates. Learn more here!

Are you considering a direct mail marketing campaign? Take a look at our cost projections, an example campaign cost analysis, and tips to perfect it!

Need to refresh your facility but not sure where to begin? With advice from Jane Sauls, we've put together a few cheap, easy improvements to start with!

Let's look at some recent self storage rent control news! This time featuring news out of Georgia and New York City, courtesy of the SSA.

The Market is a gigantic nebulous cloud of information - learn what information is important and what trends you should be following with StoragePug!

How important is it really to pull those weeds growing on the fence? See what you could be missing with our 5 Underrated Benefits of Curb Appeal!

Want to learn how much time you should devote to grassroots marketing for self storage facilities? Take a listen to our expert panelist!

College students make up almost 5% of self storage rentals. Here are a few marketing methods to get college students on your self storage facility!

Property managers are not only the first human impression of your facility but also the closers. The manager should be their guide to a great experience.

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