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First impressions are huge. They could decide whether a customer even chooses to ask about availability and rates. Make a good one with great curb appeal!

What type of self storage is out there for you to build? What do these terms really mean? Here's a comprehensive list of storage types!

Not sure how you rank up to the facility down the street? Here are some simple metrics to see how you stack up!


Sign up for weekly self storage articles and updates

It's everyone's favorite time at a storage facility—door cleaning time! How do you get the interior doors clean at your storage facility? Learn here!

Who should you trust with your limited marketing budget - Google Ads or SpareFoot? Join StoragePug here to learn which is best for your business!

People move out all the time. The problem is when they don't give any notice. How do you handle this to ensure you don't waste time and lose money?

What's going on in the self storage industry, and what did rates and occupancy look like in Q2 of 2023? Let's take a look and put it all into context!

Learn what NOT to do when marketing your self storage facility, from Tik Tok dances to SEO.

Do you dread and struggle with collections? We get it. Here are some wise words of advice from our expert guests, Kevin Mullis and Denise Bowley.

Check out 19 Essential Self Storage Marketing Ideas to attract tenants and rent more units. Get quick and easy storage marketing strategies to lease up!

REITs, SEO, GBP, and PMS! Get all your self storage terms straight with StoragePug's Self Storage Dictionary! We cover everything, basic to complex, here.

With online rentals, phone rentals, kiosk rentals, and more, it's more important than ever to have a seamless move-in process. Let's talk about how!

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