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What is Value Pricing Really About?

Self-storage Value Pricing involves assigning “good”, “better”, and “best” pricing tiers for the same unit type based on attributes of a unit.  These attributes include things like climate control and accessibility (for example—drive-up, ground floor versus upper floor, etc.).  But if we pull back a bit, what is Value Pricing really about?

Gabfocus Spotlight: How can smaller operations compete against bigger storage companies?

Tommy and Jim Mooney of Freedom Storage Management remind us how smaller operations actually have an advantage over the big storage companies.

Top 10 Digital Assets to Keep Track of Checklist

Whether you’re a new owner or you’ve had your facility for years, keeping track of your digital assets is key.

Nothing is worse than spending time finding photos or having to recreate designs you already paid for. Going through this checklist is a great way to make sure your digital assets are right where they need to be!

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