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The storage industry has become more competitive, and it's time to dust off some grassroots marketing. But which tactics are right for your business?

Your logo is AWESOME. Now you have two options: Put it everywhere as large as possible OR use it the right way. Let's talk about branding on your website!

You can't just build a self storage facility anywhere and succeed! Where you build your storage facility may be one of your most important decisions.


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To develop brand awareness in self storage, it means you have to be involved in the community, and that will usually mean your facility gets used for hosting various events.

Are you having trouble recruiting and retaining a good self storage manager? Check out our discussion of pay structuring for storage managers here!

Thinking about investing in self storage? We get lots of questions from people looking to invest in the industry - find the answers here!

Competition is heating up, and you need to know how to stay afloat and thrive. We talked to John Chang (Marcus & Millichap) about how to find the edge!

Google is starting to display social media posts on some Google Business Profiles. Should you make changes to your storage business's marketing?

Does the realtor's office down the street know about your referral program? See how to use local connections to grow your self storage business!

Are you looking forward to the future? Whether planning for your existing facility or for a future facility, it helps to keep an eye on future trends.

Dig a little deeper into self storage occupancy rates with StoragePug! We'll help you find how to best measure your self storage operations success.

Looking to open a new storage facility or change up your operation model? Listen to what our expert guest has to say about remote vs on-site management.

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