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Gabfocus Spotlight: What features make a unit more valuable?

What makes a unit valuable to a customer? It may be more than just the dimensions of the space. Warren Lieberman of Veritec Solutions shares some value pricing features that could make units special to certain customers.

Value Pricing: Gabfocus Highlights

Knowing what to charge is one of the core decisions a facility has to make. How do you know what a unit is worth? More and more facilities are using value pricing because they're finding that customers care about more than just the unit size.

In this Gabfocus Session we dig deeper into the challenges around pricing, how value pricing works, and how it can be implemented into your facility.

Gabfocus Spotlight: What is value pricing?

What if some storage customers care just as much about convenience as they do the size of their unit? Warren Lieberman of Veritec Solutions helps us understand the basics of value pricing and how we can rethink our value models.

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