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Listen to our expert Joe Doherty from the Self Storage Association tell us the most common legal mistakes operators make.

Have a troublesome tenant you want to get rid of but are worried about doing it the right way? We asked our expert guest, Joe Doherty, for his suggestions!

Two Georgia representatives introduced Georgia H.B. 811. This bill introduces codes to regulate the storage industry, including rent control and more.


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Learn how well-meaning self storage operators can improve accessibility and protect themselves from predatory drive-by lawsuits.

Performing an operational audit on your self storage facility can show you all the areas you need to improve or keep a closer eye on.

The way certain large operators are playing with rates right now has some people concerned about looming rent control measures. Should you be worried?

Let's look at five things to decide on or consider before building a storage facility. Get started on the right foot with your storage business!

Rates have been dropping for a while now; is your business keeping up? We'll dive into the current trends of cut-rate pricing for self storage here.

What you call a slow season we call an opportunity! There's a lot of maintenance you can do in your down time so you're ready when it picks back up!

Are you curious which state has laws that favor self storage owners the most? If you're looking to get into storage or are just curious, check it out here!

Is Google's SGE really going to change the landscape of online search? Dive into the topic with Storagepug's SEO team here.

While you're marketing all of the complicated and fancy technology you offer, don't forget to market the basics that customers want!

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