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Not sure which marketing tactics are right for your self storage business? Hear from the pros so that you know where you should be putting your budget.

What's the cost of obtaining a rental? How much does your marketing really cost, and is it worth it? We get into the details of how to figure it all out.

How do you know if there's a problem with what you're doing or if there's just a slowdown in the market? Listen to our experts weigh in!


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Is green technology really worth all the hype? We break down the numbers and add up the savings to get to the bottom line.

Do you keep tabs on the economy when making plans for your storage business? Learn what the most important economic marker is for the industry!

Feeling the pressure from national storage chains in your market? Here are some ideas for keeping up with their low prices.

Millennials are the largest consumer generation in the economy and are a major driver in the storage industry. So what kinds of units do they prefer?

Learn how a tenant's generation can impact how long they're going to rent here with StoragePug! We can help you prepare your business for the future.

What drives growth in the storage industry? See what John Chang of Marcus & Millichap has to say about growth drivers in different regional markets!

Curious about what storage is like around the globe? Here's a look at self storage in Korea and what we might be able to learn from it!

Looking to get started investing in self storage? Hear what John Chang of Marcus & Millichap has to say about the outlook for your investments!

For months, alarm bells rang about impending recession. It seems some economists are pulling back on those warnings now. Learn why in this spotlight video!

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