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Posts in Self Storage Operations

Self Storage Operations is made up of all of the "gears", pieces, and processes that makes a facility or self storage business work.

In this industry, owners either trust their hired managers and employees completely and from afar or they themselves are foot soldiers of the office making sure rentals are completed and customers can move in and out of the facility with ease. A self storage business may also need and employee facility maintenance workers, portable storage container delivery drivers, movers and truck drivers, construction workers, landscapers, accountants, in-house marketers, and more.

the operations that are consistent with a self storage business include investing, managing, budgetting, payroll, decision making, rentals, online rentals, cleaning and upkeep, security, filing, organizing, scheduling, advertising, sales, auditing, web design, content creation, delegating, notifying, communication, marketing, and more. Therefore, this topic of self storage operations can be fairly broad. However, we can tackle issues one at a time to shed light on ways to improve internal or outward facing processes and systems to make sure self storage owners and employees are earning the most revenue with the highest return on investment possible.

Self storage operations is an encapsulating and holistic endeavor for whoever invests in these multimillion dollar facility complexes or expands into having several locations. It's helpful to continually try to learn more fully the workings of your investment, regardless of how close or far you are to the action as an owner, manager, or employee. If you are spending time in the trenches of making your facility operate smoothly and efficiently and are dedicated to improving anywhere that you can then you are an operator above all else.

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