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    Self Storage Investing

    Self Storage investing is booming! There are more than 50,000 self-storage facilities in the U.S. — facilities full of "mini warehouses" where belongings are stored by people that don’t have room for them in their homes. Here we gather all of the content we have to help you along your self storage ownership journey! We offer modern marketing for self storage facilities by allowing them to rent units on your website.

    How Important are Cameras at Your Storage Facility?

    Your browser does not support SVG Amanda Myers

    Video surveillance is perhaps the biggest key to self storage security.

    Self storage facilities are becoming ever more popular in the United States. People use self storage facilities as they prepare for a move, downsize into a smaller house or to store their extra belongings for a while.

    5 Reasons Why Every Self-Storage Facility Should Offer Auto-Pay

    Your browser does not support SVG George Robinson

    If you own a self storage facility, you probably have had your fair share of customers who do not pay their bills on time — if even at all.

    When customers do not pay on time, time and revenue are lost.

    There is an easy way to cut down on delinquencies and get the most return on investment — by offering auto-pay.

    With auto-pay, customers are automatically billed each month.

    Planning Your Self Storage Security Budget

    Your browser does not support SVG Christine Bell

    It is common to hear about theft and break-ins at self-storage facilities throughout the country.

    That said, facility owners can prevent arson, vandalism, and theft by installing effective security systems.

    Hence, it would help to take precautions right from the start. Prevention is better than a cure.

    Self Storage Kiosk | 8 Ways a Website is More Effective

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Self storage kiosks are enjoying a bit of a moment in the industry. Moreover, on the surface, they seem to be a great solution.

    Selecting the Right Delivery System for Your Portable Storage Business

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Investing in portable storage containers could put you on the map in many ways. Why stay fixed when you can move with your customers—literally?

    Pinpointing a few benefits and requirements of a portable self storage business will be an overview of how you would be making the right business decision.

    By delving deeper into the nuances of portable self storage will be how you make sure you are making the best business decisions.

    The distinctions to focus on to directly deliver a quality service are the modes of transporting the containers to customers.

    Finding and Selecting Portable Storage Containers

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    If you’ve decided to invest in portable storage, finding and selecting the containers as the basis of operations is a critical step.

    Whether pursuing portable storage as a standalone business or an extension of your current self storage facility, the containers will be the most expensive and vital portion of the investment.

    Expenses Each Portable Self Storage Business Owner Needs to Know

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    You might be a little overwhelmed about some of the aspects you need to decide before delving into the portable self storage business.

    With every decision at your fingertips, it is easy to jumble numbers and feel helpless to make a profit with so many expenses to get started.

    It’s important to focus on a sector within your portable business and learn how to optimize it and make an informed decision.

    What You Need to Know Before Going Live with Your Portable Storage Business

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Portable storage containers seem to be everywhere.

    You are driving down the street noticing containers in neighbors driveways, outside of the local coffee shop, driving alongside on the back of a delivery truck.

    This daily occurrence is so frequent that one thing seems sure: it is time to start a portable self storage operation.

    Top Seven Cities to Start a Portable Storage Business

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    Right now, the portable storage business is seeing tremendous success. With an active housing market and dropping oil prices, this industry generated $8 billion in revenue last year.

    People are on the move, and they need help in transporting their belongings. However, the city you choose to start your business could impact your bottom line significantly.

    There are many booming cities in the U.S., but what are the best ones? Moreover, why do they rank higher than others when it comes to the moving business? Is it due to jobs, cost of living, population?

    Portable Storage: The Versatile and Scalable Hobby Business You Didn't Know Was Possible

    Your browser does not support SVG Elijah Manning

    If you want to start a versatile, scalable hobby business, you could hardly do better than to take on self storage. Set up an instantly thriving enterprise with portable storage.

    Okay, maybe not instant. Nothing good in life is going to happen without a little effort.

    In this fast-paced, cut-throat world, portable storage is one niche where there’s plenty of room for growth.