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Having a resident manager has been a regular practice in the self storage industry since the inception of the industry in the late 1960's.

John Chang breaks down the differences in the 2008 financial recession and the current pandemic and how self storage stands among other industries.

Watch John Chang break down current investing opportunities within Self Storage and discuss how many of the REITs are not currently buying properties.


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Studies show security is one of your customers' top concerns in self storage. Learn more about the importance of security cameras here!

Property managers are not only the first human impression of your facility but also the closers. The manager should be their guide to a great experience.

One of the things that many facility owners do not consider when choosing a name for their facility is search engine optimization or SEO. Naming your storage facility with SEO in mind will improve your chances of success, especially if there are multiple self-storage facilities in the area.

Payment processing, depending on the process in place, can be frustrating. StoragePug advocates that automating payment for tenants has numerous benefits.

Safety is of the upmost importance to facility renters and tenants. Investing, by planning your security measures, in facility safety will increase ROI.

Self Storage owners/operators have researched putting Kiosks on facility as an alternative to having an automated website. StoragePug advices against this.

Portable storage rentals are important but the method a portable storage business delivers the containers is equally important to provide customers value.

This is a comprehensive list of types, sizes, manufacturers, and differences between portable storage containers and how to order them for inventory.

Portable storage owners operators will need to be aware of a few upfront investment costs and recurring expenses to coordinate for success.

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