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    StoragePug is a self storage marketing company. We help storage facilities attract visitors, rent more units & keep tenants happy. Modern marketing for self storage.

    How To Manage My Self Storage Online Social Media Reputation

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    If you are in the self storage business, you already know how it can become a shell game nightmare if not managed correctly. Without proper vigilance and tools, you might end up guessing which shell someone’s precious belongings are under—and, more horrifically—where that shell is heading.

    Value Based Pricing for the Best Self Storage Rental Experience

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    Deciding what to price your storage unit rentals is a challenging endeavor.

    As a self storage operator, you can do some market research to see what competitors are charging, but that process will only reveal so much. You can peruse a competitor's website or have a friend go to their facility and talk to a manager.

    However, the price they offer will only get you in a ballpark. If a competitor's facility has different amenities, sizes, or numbers of units, then your rate will have to be tailored further.

    The Young and the Restless: the Typical Portable Storage Renter

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    A seasoned self storage business is likely to be well aware of the concept that storage units often help customers in moments of transition.

    The most frequent change is moving from residence to residence, city to city, or even on as grand a scale as state to state.

    Self storage can better serve customers by tailoring marketing efforts and available options as a moving company would.

    Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

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    People have deviating and dynamic lifestyles compared to one another. However, all lifestyles relate in terms of the accumulation of belongings, culture, and memories.

    Accounting for the physical accrual different groups of consumers are seeking storage solutions, and you want to have the options on hand to meet all of their needs.

    Fauxcility - Managing Your Portable Storage Business

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    For self storage, the key to most decisions is almost always your physical facility. Everything can be built around that, and your location can make or break your business.

    Not so for portable storage operations.

    Your location hardly matters, and, in fact, you don’t necessarily even need a specific location. Instead, the key is a virtual base of operations located anywhere in the online cloud where potential clients can find your essential information.

    Portable Storage: The Versatile and Scalable Hobby Business You Didn't Know Was Possible

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    If you want to start a versatile, scalable hobby business, you could hardly do better than to take on self storage. Set up an instantly thriving enterprise with portable storage.

    Okay, maybe not instant. Nothing good in life is going to happen without a little effort.

    In this fast-paced, cut-throat world, portable storage is one niche where there’s plenty of room for growth.

    Should My Storage Facility Have a Yelp Page?

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Today’s consumers no longer need to rely on the word of salespeople or vendors. They have the internet!

    It is easy for anyone to tap into an abundance of testimonials, reviews, articles, and more when researching products and services. It's is true no matter what people are consuming – whether it be food from a restaurant, clothes from a department store or rental services from your self-storage facility.

    What is Google My Business for Self Storage?

    Your browser does not support SVG George Robinson

    Google My Business is an easy-to-use and useful tool for brick and mortar businesses. It allows you to manage your online presence across Google.

    This free tool helps potential and current customers learn a lot about your business. By simply verifying and editing your information, you can help customers find your storage facility and learn more about the services that you offer.

    Google My Business works with Search and Maps — and it is entirely free to use.

    Why the Google 3 Pack Is Crucial for Storage Facility Marketing

    Your browser does not support SVG Amanda Myers

    Self storage facilities, for the most part, serve local renters. We satisfy the needs of our community. That's the basic composition of local business, even if somewhat oversimplified. We know, however, that things are really more complicated than that.

    Technology has changed the way consumers find and relate to businesses and brands.

    How to Rank in the Google 3 Pack

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Search Engine Results are now Locally-Relevant

    By now, everyone knows that having an online presence for your business is not enough. It’s vital nowadays your storage facility can be found online.

    That means integrating Search Engine Optimization best practices to make sure when people go online to search for a service such as “self-storage facility,” they find your business.