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Are you considering a direct mail marketing campaign? Take a look at our cost projections, an example campaign cost analysis, and tips to perfect it!

Need to refresh your facility but not sure where to begin? With advice from Jane Sauls, we've put together a few cheap, easy improvements to start with!

The Market is a gigantic nebulous cloud of information - learn what information is important and what trends you should be following with StoragePug!


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How important is it really to pull those weeds growing on the fence? See what you could be missing with our 5 Underrated Benefits of Curb Appeal!

College students make up almost 5% of self storage rentals. Here are a few marketing methods to get college students on your self storage facility!

You worked hard to get tons of reviews, but what if it's not enough? See how to make sure you haven't wasted your efforts.

Your logo is AWESOME. Now you have two options: Put it everywhere as large as possible OR use it the right way. Let's talk about branding on your website!

To develop brand awareness in self storage, it means you have to be involved in the community, and that will usually mean your facility gets used for hosting various events.

Does the realtor's office down the street know about your referral program? See how to use local connections to grow your self storage business!

Are you getting the most out of your space? Hosting a garage sale at your storage facility can bring new eyes to your facility and make tenants happy!

While you're marketing all of the complicated and fancy technology you offer, don't forget to market the basics that customers want!

Backlinks are an important part of your self storage website's SEO strategy. Learn what they are, how to see them, and how to get more!

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