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You need a facility security system because self storage customers want to feel safe and knowing their belongings are stored securely is a top priority.

The Pug Founders are going to California! At TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019, StoragePug and fellow Tennessee startups are showing up in full force.

Payment processing, depending on the process in place, can be frustrating. StoragePug advocates that automating payment for tenants has numerous benefits.


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StorageCat makes it easy for you to offer futuristic, cutting-edge technologies your tenants will love. It's going to be a key differentiator in your mini storage marketing plan this year.

A whopping 58% of all consumers say convenience is driving a preference for completing purchases online, and self storage is no exception.

Everything you need to know about investing in Self Storage. Part two of StoragePug's Investing Playbook is all about streamlining your Facility's operations.

As a follow up to our announcement of our participation in Innov865's Startup Day 2018 pitch competition, we are pleased to announce that we took home both prizes!

Whether you’ve been in the storage industry for a number of years, or you’re thinking of opening your first self storage business, the path to success can be a difficult one fraught with unforeseen obstacles and complicated questions about self storage investing.

Is your self-storage facility's security as good as you need it to be? Here’s a look at five things you should be thinking about now and into the future as you address your self-storage facility's security.

As portable storage containers gain popularity amongst renters, traditional self storage operators are adding portable storage unit options to their list of amenities. Renters want a seamless experience when shopping for storage online.

Automation is the future of mini storage. Most facilities already have some level of automation, and an increasing number are fully automated—operating with limited or no staff and relying on automation for everything from security to rentals to door locks.

Converting a large building or warehouse into a storage facility can save you time and money. That's not to say that is always the case, below we analyze some pros and cons of a self storage conversions.

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