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The kiosk may be a trendy item in the self-storage industry, but it's not a game-changer that's going to help you break through to a higher plateau of revenue. In reality, your tenants probably won't be looking for a kiosk. Even if they are, you can win them over with a well-designed website.

Let’s face it; knowing who your customer is should be an integral part of every entrepreneur's business plan. It can drive marketing and promotional efforts, the way you interact with potential customers, and even the way you handle day to day business.

Price may not be everything, but for many people, it can be the deciding factor in choosing one self-storage facility over another. Understanding where your facility sits relative to the pricing offered by its competitors is a crucial component in building and running a successful business.

Did you know a new facility should launch a website well before it opens for business? It may sound premature or counter-intuitive, but there are several compelling, logical reasons why launching your website before your grand opening is a good idea.

As all self storage investors know, the more units you rent, the more money you make. If you don’t offer online rentals on your website, you’re missing out on revenue. Read on for ten reasons why your self storage website should offer online rentals.

Everything you need to know about investing in Self Storage. Part two of StoragePug's Investing Playbook is all about streamlining your Facility's operations.

Whether you’ve been in the storage industry for a number of years, or you’re thinking of opening your first self storage business, start here!

Consider adding portable storage to your product line in order to increase your revenue. There are benefits to it, for businesses and for customers. Most of it boils down to flexibility and convenience. You can store a container almost anywhere there is enough space.

Self storage websites can do virtually everything kiosks can do while offering customers greater flexibility and convenience. Many self storage facility owners erroneously believe that kiosks are the only way to operate an unmanned facility. However, this isn’t true.

You’ve done it. You’ve been thinking about getting a piece of the 38 billion (with a B) dollar storage industry, and you finally pulled the trigger. Congratulations! Only now, you’ve got to figure out what to charge for these spanking new self storage units.

The best operational thing you can do for your storage business is to set expectations for yourself and your team – and meet them. To succeed, you must measure the degree of success and iteratively make changes to meet and exceed your goals.

Investing in portable storage units is a smart move for self storage facilities. Not convinced? Read on for ten benefits of investing in portable storage.

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