New Tenant Welcome Letter [Free Download]

February 18, 2022

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Do you have a plan for the information you need to deliver to new tenants?

It's important to make sure a tenant knows what they need to know before they arrive at your self storage facility to start moving in. An informed customer is a happier customer, and it also means less headache for you or your managers! See a great example of how this is done with our New Tenant Welcome Letter template! 

New Tenant Welcome Letter

You don't want your customers showing up and being lost about what to do.

A new self storage tenant needs more than a message confirming they've been approved to move in. They need the whole picture. The information might seem apparent to you, but that's not always the case for your customer!

Their storage unit number, where to go when they show up, what they should bring with them on their first visit, and more—there's so much to tell your new tenant ahead of time!

What happens when they show up and they don't have this information on hand?

At best, confusion. At worst, dissatisfaction.

Make sure your customers are informed and know where to go and what to do when they come in!


The move-in is one of the most important steps in your customer's journey.

However, this might not work for everyone, or it may be too clunky of a process that doesn't properly reflect what happened on your records. After all, presumably, the items in the storage unit are remaining within, and that is outside of the normal scheduled move-out/move-in procedures.

Thankfully, we've got just what you need to get started with our New Tenant Welcome Letter, part of our Operator Toolkit!

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What Information Should You Include?

There is no exact answer for what you need to tell your tenants ahead of their move-in date. However, there are some pieces of information that you should definitely include on your list!

Here is a short list of ideas for things you should inform your new tenants on (in no particular order)

  • Your facility's address and contact information
  • Their unit number
  • A link to your online portal (if applicable)
  • Items they should bring on Day 1
  • How to access your facility
  • How to access their unit
  • Where to go when they arrive

Preparing your new move-ins with proper communication ahead of their arrival is a great way to level up your tenant management! These days, consumers are used to being given all of the information they need up front. Keep your customers happier and make life easier for you (or your managers) with this and more templates from our Operator Toolkit.

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