[2023] The Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO

February 2, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO
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"Put lots of content on your page! Get backlinks from shady link farms! Put your self storage business on TikTok (you’ll have to learn the dances)!"

There’s a lot of SEO advice out there - but self storage is a unique business. Much of what you’ll find online isn’t applicable to this industry - including, no, especially, TikTok dances.

Our Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO covers everything you need to know about search engine optimization in the industry. We explain the steps you can take to bump your website up Google’s listings, and what SEO factors you can safely ignore. Click the link or fill out the form below to get started!

Turn your web presence into unit rentals with the Ultimate Guide to Self  Storage SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is tricky - and it’s constantly changing! With businesses moving more and more online, self storage operators need to keep up or risk falling behind.

That’s why StoragePug has put together this guide to self storage SEO. We’ve compiled everything a self storage operator needs to know about getting their website in front of clients into one handy e-book.

What is Self Storage SEO?

Self storage SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to show up in the Google searches of people who will actually rent storage units from you. For a storage facility, that means showing up in local searches, rather than in organic searches that span the globe.

Finding your renters should be the core of any self storage marketing. Self storage SEO is about being a viable option for your immediate area, instead of trying to get your facility in front of people who are too far away to ever do business with you. 

Why Care About Self Storage SEO?

Most self storage businesses have another company build their website for them, including taking care of SEO. StoragePug certainly offers SEO services with every site we build!

Some steps, though, require the business owner to be engaged. You’ll be the one responding to Google Business Profile reviews, the one deciding which photos to put on your website, and the one providing the end product to your site’s visitors.

The Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO

Ambitious operators can’t afford to be in the dark. E-commerce sales are projected to grow to $6.4 trillion by 2024. If your business isn’t getting a share of that, it’ll be hard to stay afloat.

Self storage customers are getting younger, and younger generations are more likely to check out a website and reviews before doing business with any company. 

If your customers can’t find you online, they may not find you at all. 

76% of people who search for a local business on their phone visit that type of business within 24-hours. Mobile searchers are intent on buying - good SEO will make you an option.

Our Ultimate Self Storage SEO Guide

With all this business at stake, it’s vital that operators get a handle on their SEO.

At the same time, you’ve got about a million things that need to be taken care of. 

Our SEO e-book sorts out the stuff you need to know now and the stuff that doesn’t really impact you. Because we’re exclusively a self storage company, we know how marketing works in the industry - especially websites.

Turn your web presence into unit rentals with the Ultimate Guide to Self  Storage SEO!

We’ll tell you what part of the page gets the most clicks.

We’ll cover authority-building strategies for self storage websites.

We’ll teach you how to grow your web presence without breaking the bank.

We’ll even show you how small businesses can compete with REITs online.

You don’t need a six-figure marketing budget to fill up your self storage units. All you need is the right strategy and a bit of patience.

Check out our actionable steps to achieving online marketing success with StoragePug’s Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO!

Market your self storage facility like a pro with these:

At StoragePug, we build self storage websites that make it easy for new customers to find you and easy for them to rent from you.

Get more eyes on your website!

Download our Ultimate Guide to Self Storage SEO!

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