Gabfocus Spotlight: What are some red and green flags when hiring?

October 24, 2023

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Hiring isn't easy. It can be difficult to pick up on the small things that might give you a hint about how good or bad someone will do once on your team.

Great hiring managers have small things they pay attention to that can make all the difference. These tricks look beyond the interview, so they're less susceptible to people that are good (or bad) at interviewing but the opposite at working.

In this Gabfocus Spotlight, Tommy and Melissa are joined by Sue Haviland (Haviland Storage Services) and Terry Campbell (Copper Storage Management) to talk about their red AND green flags to watch for while hiring.

Question: "What are examples of red and green flags when hiring?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:


In this Gabfocus Session: Maximizing Your Team, Tommy and Melissa were joined by Sue Haviland (Haviland Storage Services) and Terry Campbell (Copper Storage Management). They discussed all things hiring and managing when it comes to self storage team members.

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Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Sue and Terry had to say:

I've already mentioned one, when all they can ask about is the pay.

And then also, looking at the resume itself, if they have hopped a lot, that's always a red flag for me. Why do they only stay somewhere six months, nine months, a year? Why is there a big gap?

Possibly, now we all know, maybe you've taken care of an elderly parent or had a thing happen in your life.

There's those kinds of things.

But especially when you see they've hopped from facility to facility, that's a red flag for me. And then also if they weren't on time or a little early for their in-person interview, and if they right away come in with what they need versus learning about the job and getting through the process before. They've looked at an ad that tells the requirements, and they come in and say, "Well, I won't work these days or, I'll need this." So that always is kind of like, I guess you don't fit.

I'm not going to hire the person to fit them. They need to fit what the business needs."

—Sue Haviland

"Can't add a whole lot to that.

Punctuality was my first one as well. I mean not punctuality, but lots of jobs, job hopping.

Punctuality, not showing up on time, that's a big deal. Not dressing appropriately for an interview. I know that things have gotten much more relaxed over the last several years with myself included, but there's still some protocol there whenever you're interviewing and trying to make a good impression.

I think as far as green flags, if the conversation flows naturally, if it's just a good conversation, and maybe they're able to give you some examples of things that they've done that would apply to what they would be doing for you. Or how they've overcome some obstacles that might fit the role that they're applying for."

—Terry Campbell

"Other green flags for me are part of our interview process is we always take the person out on the property because, again, like Terry, I don't always want somebody who's had the experience because I don't want to retrain somebody else's bad training or the baggage they had from being a disgruntled employee somewhere else.

So especially when you have somebody who's never been to storage or had storage themselves, hard to believe that happens nowadays, but sometimes they've never had a storage unit. Take them, show them around.

If they stop and pick up a piece of trash, the things they can point out to you, if they're that observant when they're walking around and that mindful of it, that's a good sign to me as well about their personality and what they could bring to the table."

—Sue Haviland


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