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Choose a Name for your Storage Facility | Show Up on Page 1 of Google

January 6, 2020

3 min

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Naming a self-storage facility can seem like a daunting task. There are so many self-storage companies out there that it can be challenging to come up with a unique name for your self storage investment.

You may be tempted to get as unique and noteworthy as you can when choosing a name, but there are some additional things to keep in mind beyond just being able to register the name for legal purposes.

One of the things that many facility owners do not consider when choosing a name is search engine optimization or SEO.

Naming your facility with SEO in mind will significantly improve your chances of success, especially if there are multiple self-storage facilities in the area.

Consider these facts. According to a study by BIA/Berkley in 2017, at least 97 percent of Americans search online for local businesses before deciding on what company to use.

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Also, according to a New York Times article back in 2012, consumers will shy away from local businesses whose websites are outdated or slow to load.

Based on these facts, it’s easy to see that making your business easy to find online and having an easy to use and up to date website are critical to your overall success. Having a name for your facility that is SEO oriented will help a great deal and is the first important step in setting yourself up for success.

Include your Storage Facility's Location in the Name

Including your location in your facility name is also a big help when it comes to SEO. Many people either search for “storage near me” or “storage in—” and their location. Either way, if they are in your area and do a local search for storage facilities, they will be much more likely to find your facility if your location is in the name.

Many self-storage facilities name their business after the street where the facility is located. If it’s a major street and you are counting on customers to remember seeing your storage facility during their daily drive, this strategy can work.

However, you’ll have much better results if you name your facility after the city or neighborhood that you are located in or near.

One of our clients, Rocky Hill Storage, chose a perfect name. Rocky Hill is the name of the community inside of Knoxville, TN. They quickly claimed the top spot on many search results.

Naming your facility after the city you are in can work well if you are in a smaller town or suburb. If you live in a huge city or metropolitan area, however, you will do better to name your facility after the neighborhood or area of the city where the facility is located.

Choosing a name with the town in it will help you pull in customers that search in their neighborhood as opposed to the city as a whole. Choosing a well thought through name will increase your web traffic and ultimately increase your facility's occupancy rate

Finding Search Terms

You can quickly discover what keywords local customers are searching for online. There are several free keyword search tools available online that are quite easy to use, such as Moz's Keyword Explorer.

Including these critical words in your facility name will go a long way toward making sure your company can be found easily online.

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Stand Out with Amenities and Features

If you offer features that other self-storage facilities don’t provide, include this in your facility name.

For example, if you offer climate-controlled units, you might name your facility Boston Climate Controlled Self-Storage.

If you provide increased security, you might name your facility Secure Boston Self-Storage. These names don’t sound fancy, but they are what people are searching for on Google.

Be Specific

In the end, you want to be as specific as you can when naming your self-storage facility.

Most consumers are well versed in searching for particular keywords when they are in need of a local business. The more specific you can be in your storage facility name, the more likely they will be to find you.

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