Google Adds Social Media Posts to GBP; What Storage Owners Should Do

March 27, 2024

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Are you the proud owner of an active social media account for your self storage business?

You’re in luck! Google is rolling out a new functionality for Google Business Profile that will help your social media marketing efforts do double duty.

Not only can you now link your social media accounts to Google so links will appear on your GBP, but now Google may start showing your posts on your profile, too!

Let’s take a look at all that we know.

What We Know

I’ll make this one nice and quick!

Here’s what we know about this GBP change:

  1. Recently, Google added the ability to link your social media to your GBP
  2. Now, it seems that it’s possible for your GBP to display social posts
  3. These social posts will sometimes take the place where Google Posts displayed
  4. It is currently unknown how to encourage posts to display
  5. Up to three posts seem to display at a time when it occurs

To summarize these changes, when your social profile is linked to your GBP, there is a chance that your Google Business Profile will replace the Google Posts section with a section highlighting three of your recent social media posts.

What Social Media Sites Can I Link on GBP?

If your self storage facility’s marketing plan incorporates social media, you may be wondering which sites you can link to your GBP?

Thankfully, pretty much all of the big ones are covered. Here’s the list as of this moment:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • YouTube

Previously, Google would find your profile on some of these sites and automatically link them together. Sometimes they got it wrong.

Thankfully, your ability to manually connect the profiles will help out your marketing efforts for your storage facility. Here’s Google’s article on how to do it.


google business profile how to guide

What it Means for Your Self Storage Facility

OK, so now we know what’s going on.

But I know you’re probably wondering what that means for your business.

Well, right now, it mainly means that you may see some extra visibility on your social media posts (if you make them) and less visibility on your Google Posts (if you make them).

There’s not much for you, as a self storage owner or manager, to take action on at the moment.

Pug Pro Tip: In the early stages of these changes on Google, making knee-jerk changes can backfire. Even Google probably isn’t sure about whether or not this is a permanent change and how it’ll actually work.

Focus on keeping your fundamentals strong. If you make Google Posts, keep making them and following best practices (check out our free GBP playbook if needed). Same for social media.

When this changes, we’ll update you on what operators should be doing!

So, Should I Focus More on Social Media for My Storage Facility?

No knee-jerk reactions!

Right now, these posts aren’t even consistently showing up for all users across all profiles.

Look at this example:

Google Adds Social Media Posts to GBP; What Storage Owners Should Do

Compare the example from Near Media’s Mike Blumenthal and the example from our own test search.

In Mike Blumenthal’s screenshot, you can see Facebook posts being displayed. In our screenshot, you see Google Posts displayed (you can tell because it says “on Google” above them).

Neither Mike nor myself are lying to you about what we’re seeing. This is just how Google works.

They’re rolling out the feature and testing the waters. 

This is why you shouldn’t worry about this right now as a self storage operator.

If you invest time, energy, and money into making a marketing shift, it could end up meaning absolutely nothing in your market for months, even in a world where it’s eventually a good idea to push social posts.

So What SHOULD I Do?

If you’re already using effective marketing strategies? Keep doing them!

We do highly recommend using Google Posts actively for your storage facility’s Google Business Profile, but this change currently doesn’t alter that advice.

Here are some measured responses to this news:

  • If you run social media posts AND Google Posts, connect your socials to your GBP and keep posting on both. There’s a chance some customers will see your social posts and others see Google Posts, so having both isn’t a bad idea right now.
  • If you run social media posts but NOT Google Posts, consider adding Google Posts. As mentioned above, sometimes Google may not show your social posts at all on GBP. Having Google Posts there will still make sure you have something for customers to see.
  • If you run Google Posts but NOT social media, you don’t need to make any changes right now. If you do want to start social media for your business, that’s fine. But don’t base the need on this news.
  • If you don’t make posts on either right now, consider starting to make active Google Posts. These can be used to highlight why customers should rent from your storage facility, keep tenants up to date, and more.

Just follow the best marketing practices you can for your facility, at the moment, and don’t worry yet about making any changes until we see where these changes land.

And if you already make social media posts, awesome! Your work on socials may start doing double duty for you here soon.

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