[2024] Google Business Profile Playbook for Self Storage

October 18, 2023

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Do you know what a Google Business Profile is?

More importantly, do you know the right way to use it?

In the modern self storage industry, your Google Business Profile is a digital billboard that leads customers to your website—and to your facility. It’s an essential tool for self storage marketing, a great equalizer against the REITs, and a boon to the hyper-local business of self storage.

None of it does anything for you, though, if you don’t have it set up correctly. And there are lots of ways to use it incorrectly. There are even more ways to miss opportunities to optimize your Google Business Profile for self storage.

This is why StoragePug has come out with the Google Business Profile Playbook for Self Storage.

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So, What IS Google Business Profile?

Your Google Business Profile is the way your self storage facility gets on the map—literally AND figuratively.

You may know it as some other names:

  • Google Places
  • Google+ Local
  • Google Local
  • Google My Business

They’re all essentially the same thing, just updated and renamed over the years in Google’s attempts to serve their users with the best way to connect with local businesses.

Two phones showing local searches and GBP

Google created GBP for just that reason: to connect users to local businesses in a way that organic search results weren’t capable of doing.

Through Google Business Profile, your self storage facility can display an address and contact information to potential customers, link to a website where they can rent a storage unit, receive reviews, post photos and updates, list storage units and services, and more!

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Why Is Google Business Profile Important to Your Storage Facility?

If you go to a conference or luncheon, attend a webinar about websites or digital marketing, or take a call from a marketing company, the chances are you’re going to hear three letters that keep many operators up at night:


Most of the time, you’ll hear about keywords, H1s, and load speeds. But your Google Business Profile is actually one of your most important SEO efforts. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and optimizing your GBP is one of the most important ways your storage business can optimize for Google!

Here are some reasons you should care about a well-maintained GBP:

  • GBP equalizes your playing field versus larger businesses
  • Proximity is the key factor, which pairs well with storage customers coming from within five miles of your facility
  • Aggregators aren’t listed as Google Business Profiles, eliminating strong search competition
  • The top three GBP results each get at least as many clicks as the coveted #1 position in search

Set up your GBP correctly, do a good job maintaining it and getting reviews, and optimize your website for local SEO, and suddenly you’re able to go toe-to-toe with even the biggest players in your market!

What Does the Playbook Cover?

Want to know what you can expect to learn by downloading and reading our Google Business Profile Playbook for Self Storage?

We could say “just about everything there is to know,” but let’s get a little more specific for you.

  1. What GBP is
  2. Google‘s result page anatomy
  3. Click percentage statistics
  4. How to set up a GBP
  5. How to optimize your profile
  6. Top factors that help improve your ranking

This playbook can take you from not even knowing what GBP is to having a profile that looks like it’s being managed by a long-time marketing professional! All you have to do is follow each step.

We even cover how you can make changes on your website and beyond to improve your results in the local pack (where the profiles appear in search).

Maximize your online exposure and get more leads by optimizing your Google  Business Profile listing. Get our free Playbook!

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Ready to get started?

This eBook is entirely FREE to download right here on this page. Grab it today and start getting your self storage business in front of more customers!

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