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    Portable Storage

    Portable Storage is a natural evolution of what self storage is for more modern individuals with fast paced lifestyles. These individuals are settling down less and taking more risks in their personal and professional lives. When these people need either a storage unit to help with moving or saving mementos for the future, they also prioritize convenience almost as highly as the actual rental space. We've researched and combed our portable content in three ways to help consumers interested in portable as a solution, investors interested in starting a portable storage business, and industry professionals wanting to expand their current facilities and real estate ventures with portable storage containers.

    StoragePug Client Feature: Spaceman Self-Storage

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    Here at StoragePug, we are pretty excited about Portable Storage.

    A lot of what people know us for is developing responsive and clean websites - we see these location and company websites as a natural extension of a company’s brand, mission, and interests.

    Portable self storage, in similar regards, is very much a natural extension of what traditional facility-based self storage offers.

    StoragePug wanted to learn as much as possible about portable storage as a development in the industry - so I tasked myself with finding and digesting as much information as possible.

    Investing In, Renting Out, Marketing Portable Storage

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    Portable storage, in regards to the self storage industry, is a concept and business model that is seemingly an evolution of the more familiar fixed facilities and storage units.

    The surging trends of transient living, urban sprawl, remote job positions, and nostalgia chasing among people are the reasons for needing a self storage solution that can keep up.

    StoragePug believes that portable storage is the product offering that can deliver that convenience, mobility, and far-reaching rental quality for these individuals. The following content, in a lengthy way, describes how portable storage can be the next business venture to keep most self storage owners, operators, managers, and investors busy.

    Portable Garages: House Your Car with Ease

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    You may have heard of portable storage containers when you have too many things needing a place to be organized or when you need help moving, but have you ever thought about using one as a garage?

    Depending on what type of vehicle you drive, you might consider a portable unit to be a convenient alternative to parking on the street or in a lot where anything could happen to your car.

    There are quite a few benefits to using a portable storage container as a garage, perhaps more than may seem apparent at first.

    Storage Tips When Using Portable Storage Containers

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    Portable storage units are an innovative alternative to the traditional box truck or semi-truck trailer moving method.

    Not only can you take your time packing, but you can also stow your possessions the way you want to, without having to worry about someone else dropping your beloved collectibles or damaging expensive furniture.

    However, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you pack your portable storage unit.

    How Big of a Portable Storage Container Do I Need to Move?​

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    Have you ever needed just a little more space to have a lot more peace of mind?

    Has the prospect of moving homes or locations been so overwhelming that taking the first step at planning, organizing, and packing is too daunting?

    If so, you can take advantage of portable self storage.

    The Young and the Restless: the Typical Portable Storage Renter

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    A seasoned self storage business is likely to be well aware of the concept that storage units often help customers in moments of transition.

    The most frequent change is moving from residence to residence, city to city, or even on as grand a scale as state to state.

    Self storage can better serve customers by tailoring marketing efforts and available options as a moving company would.

    Portable Storage Perfection: Selecting the Right Company for Your Needs

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    In a previous article, we looked at the differences between traditional self storage and portable storage.

    Although there are pros and cons for both, this article assumes that you’ve decided that mobile portable storage is the right option for you. So, what’s next? How do you decide which specific portable storage company is right for your goals?

    As with most decisions, the answer will depend on your situation. For example, your need for portable storage during a kitchen renovation will be different than if you’re planning a move across the country.

    3 Tips to Market your Portable Storage Containers

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    So you’ve decided to stretch out in new directions, to take a risk. Adding portable storage containers to your existing business— or beginning a portable storage business from the ground up— has the potential to be an advantageous business move. However, there’s a kicker: even the best new plans are of no use if nobody knows about them.

    Without a viable marketing plan, your portable storage containers aren’t going anywhere.

    Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

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    People have deviating and dynamic lifestyles compared to one another. However, all lifestyles relate in terms of the accumulation of belongings, culture, and memories.

    Accounting for the physical accrual different groups of consumers are seeking storage solutions, and you want to have the options on hand to meet all of their needs.

    The Big 3 Uses for Portable Self Storage

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    There are various times and moments in our lives where we could use more space.

    Occasionally, we need that space very briefly to organize our lives or help with a quick move because our apartment lease is over. Other times, we can make use of extra space for an extended period because of outside circumstances in life.