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Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

August 19, 2019


Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

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People have deviating and dynamic lifestyles compared to one another. However, all lifestyles relate in terms of the accumulation of belongings, culture, and memories.

Accounting for the physical accrual different groups of consumers are seeking storage solutions, and you want to have the options on hand to meet all of their needs.


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Traditional storage facilities require customers to coordinate transportation for their possessions, personally load it into a fixed, on-site storage unit, and then retrieve items from storage as needed in keeping with the facilities schedule.

This storage model isn't convenient for all customers. Portable storage provides a modern alternative that particular consumers may find appealing based on their lifestyles.

Often, these units offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for non-conventional storage needs because of their ability to be placed at a location of the customer's choosing.

That location can be a residence, a business, or a job site. Locale will often dictate precise storage needs or limitations that have made portable storage a pleasing option.

Customers will evaluate their need for ease or frequency in accessing the contents. Those thoughtful considerations facilitate the placement of the container.

To add further benefit to the array of consumers is allowing for containers to be stored at your portable depot location. Portable containers ability to be delivered to more inaccessible areas and then retrieved and stored adds enough convenience for specific consumers to be satisfied.

This service can more ready to offer when portable storage is an addition to a conventional self storage facility. Facilities have dedicated real estate that can be utilized to purposefully house filled containers if that is a justifiable decision based on the demand.

The question for portable storage businesses is: which groups of consumers are most likely to choose this option? To make the most of this exciting new aspect of your storage business or begin your portable operation on the best foot forward, then here are a few target groups that can benefit most from portable storage solutions.


College Students

Young adults are often on the go, and students may lead a distinctly nomadic lifestyle. Some elect to study abroad for a semester or more, while some spend summers traveling for fun. Others merely have to move out of the dorms and head home each summer, then return in the fall.




In each of these cases, students can find themselves trying to figure out what to do with their stuff. Should they haul it home for the summer and then back in fall, adding to a cycle of hassle and expense? What if they have no place to leave it while they travel?

Portable containers offer a safe, affordable, and befitting solution to their stranded belongings. A container can be delivered on-site, filled, and then delivered to a friend or family member's residence for safekeeping. In some cases, to add further versatility, the container can be retrieved and stored indefinitely at a repository or facility and then returned.


Armed Forces

Military members may have similar needs as they move to different bases or receive orders for deployment. Having access to portable storage units that they can leave at a secure facility or ship to various locations is hugely beneficial.

Moving, and moving frequently, is a quintessential part of the armed forces. This transient, nomadic lifestyle can cause emotional, physical, and financial strain. The more dependable and effortless to navigate the decision of storage is then the more comfort can be provided to this customer segment.

Portable storage's flexible design and application may provide much sought after peace of mind to military members.



Portable storage units can be delivered to most locations within a wide radius for on-site storage, giving homeowners the garage extension needed to store extra stuff, accommodate renovations, or even facilitate the moving process.

With a container on premises, you can establish independence regarding your belongings especially when your needs are extremely short term.

In an example of home renovations, a container can be used to quarantine hired workers who are completing a specific yet intensive project. This separation preserves the privacy of your home at the same time fulfilling the beautification or improving the functionality of your home.

Moving families can save money by not hiring movers to take items to an off-site storage facility. Containers add the convenience of easy access for the household and accommodate exact time restraints to pack and store items for shipping to their new home.


Business Owners

Both retail businesses and corporate offices have to account for storage needs, whether they're juggling inventory and a rotating supply of seasonal décor or they're coping with equipment or records management. The top priority often being the need for straightforward, cataloged access to items.

Portable storage containers offer a convenient and scalable solution. Businesses can store containers on-site in a parking area or allotted zone for quick access.

The particular nature of need also fluctuates the time-period any business might require containers. The indefinite rental time coupled with the versatility of portable storage placement is appealing to these consumers.


Job Site Coordinators

By delving deeper into business uses a more specific customer emerges.

Anyone managing a job site or coordinating an event can use portable storage containers to remain organized in a shifting and temporary environment. Portable containers may assure that materials and equipment are safe from the elements and threats like theft or damage.

These containers may also serve as a temporary command post from which to run operations on-site. Portable storage containers provide the convenience of keeping needed materials on hand, as well as an affordable way to set up a field office.




The industry of self storage aims to provide solutions for the necessity of storage on all levels.

Considering the multitudes of personalities and their potential needs for storage can help to alleviate great strain and difficulty from their lives. This service creates positive outcomes and lasting relationships among businesses and individuals.

A thoughtful list of consumers that can benefit from portable storage based on lifestyles is college attendees, members of the military, homeowners, various types of businesses and their specialized staff.

Portable storage is seemingly a development within self storage created with the evolving uses of the market and society as a whole in mind. Identifying and segmenting potential consumers helps self storage operators deliver the quickest and best-tailored results.



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