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September 9, 2019

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Portable storage, in regards to the self storage industry, is a concept and business model that is seemingly an evolution of the more familiar fixed facilities and storage units.

The surging trends of transient living, urban sprawl, remote job positions, and nostalgia chasing among people are the reasons for needing a self storage solution that can keep up.

StoragePug believes that portable storage is the product offering that can deliver that convenience, mobility, and far-reaching rental quality for these individuals. The following content, in a lengthy way, describes how portable storage can be the next business venture to keep most self storage owners, operators, managers, and investors busy.

StoragePug developed a stockpile of content about portable storage. We were deliberate to look at this concept from various viewpoints. We decided to share this content as numerous articles that live within the “Blog” section of our website. We then took the bulk of the crucial points and created a downloadable ebook.



The ebook is extremely digestible and meant to give a thoughtfully formatted and structured look at portable storage for anyone interested in starting a portable, mobile storage business.

We also included additional specific information to extrapolate on portable storage for any current self storage operators. These contemporary owners and managers can utilize mobile units or portable storage containers to expand their business.

We will now give a table of contents listing the portable articles and descriptions in a specific order for anyone looking for any industry-specific reading. You can read them in this order for a thorough and in-depth dive into portable storage information. However, feel free to download the ebook for a general overview filled with tips, considerations, and explanations.

Furthermore, after the table of contents, there will be another list of portable storage articles that we created for self storage users and renters. This list may provide insight to you when speaking with customers interested in portable storage. Also, these articles can be pieces of advice you can directly share with these customers to save time. These articles were written to solve problems, save time, and share from experience for renters interested in portable storage containers.


Table of Contents:


Getting Started with Portable Storage Investing

- An introduction of big-picture portable storage topics from the perspective of self storage owners to sparse out the information, so it is more deliberate and less overwhelming.


10 Benefits of Investing in Portable Storage

- A simple enumeration of benefits to stir intrigue and interest into the exciting developing sector of self storage that is portable storage.


Increase Your Revenue by Offering Portable Storage at Your Facility

- A brief overview of initial processes to instill at your facility to begin offering portable containers to rent. It discusses more reasons why having mobile rentals is an excellent option to include at your facility. A covered reason is the distinction that portable storage offers such a convenience to customers that they will pay premium rental rates.


How To Increase Revenue by Offering Portable Storage At Your Facility

- Very similar in title to the previous article but a dive deeper into the two different ways portable storage containers can be a product offering at a facility. The techniques being fixed storage and mobile storage.


Is Portable Storage A Good Investment?

- Hate to spoil the reading, but we conclude that portable storage is a good investment. Self storage owners tend to be general investors and further specialize in real estate investing. This article explains some benefits in detail.


Expanding into Portable Storage

- This article communicates to storage facility owners who have decided to use portable storage containers as an additional feature on-site for construction or as a product offering via mobile unit rentals.


So You Want to Rent Portable Storage Units: Your Quick-Reference Guide

- This content evaluates the pros and cons of both traditional fixed storage (storage unit facilities) and portable, mobile storage to better compare them.


Portable Storage: The Versatile and Scalable Hobby Business You Didn't Know Was Possible

- Traditional self storage is a wide-scale operation with many moving parts associated with a large amount of investment capital. Portable storage is a bit more accessible because of its reliance on delivery and tracking logistics. What if you focused solely on becoming a portable storage operator while working remotely? This article deems it possible by mastering your processes, tools, and marketing skills.


Top Seven Cities to Start a Portable Storage Business

- As all entrepreneurs know, building a successful business and brand relies on market analysis. Understanding the market that you are entering and the supply and demand of potential clients will help you properly develop your business identity. Some cities, in particular, because of their demographic and lifestyle trends, would benefit from portable storage as a storage solution.


How Many Portable Storage Containers Do I Need As A Starting Investment?

- Fixating on the scalability from the previous, both as an intimate, small operation or as a vast facility expansion, this article talks about a minimum number of containers to satisfy your market and manage appropriately.


Finding and Selecting Portable Storage Containers

- A beneficial read if you are wanting to compare prices between containers for wholesale and purchasing. Many sellers and manufacturers can build, brand, and then ship portable containers for self storage rentals. Having quality containers will ensure your rental fleet is something customers will enjoy using.


Selecting the Right Delivery System for Your Portable Storage Business

- The delivery of your portable containers, for mobile unit rentals, will be integral to your operations. Knowing the costs, training, and differences will help to make the right decision right from the beginning.


Expenses Each Portable Self Storage Business Owner Needs to Know

- Along with delivery; there are other expenses associated with portable storage. Self storage operators will be familiar with these, but this will cover portable specific costs and costs for new operators.


What You Need to Know Before Going Live with Your Portable Storage Business

- This article looks to get your brain thinking about the few weeks before you announce open rentals for the portable storage units. Zooming in on the more pragmatic parts of compiling accurate information, collecting marketing materials, testing your internal processes, and more.


[SiteLink API] Rent Portable Storage Containers on your Website

- A technologically focused piece of content. This article discusses how a portable operation can use Storagepug’s “instant quote” tool to make distance and cost estimations for potential clients. This piece also has an emphasis on how these tools will work in tandem with your existing operational tools like property management software.


3 Gotcha's for New Portable Storage Owners

- A list that tries to show insight from common mistakes or misconceptions that can happen when starting a portable specific, self storage operation.


Fauxcility - Managing Your Portable Storage Business

- This article emphasizes the importance of a fully integrated, responsive website. If you have branded containers and a functional delivery process, then your website can be where the majority of your business happens, is interacted with, and managed. Let your website be the source of truth, especially if you’re a portable storage business.


Varying Groups of Consumers that Could Benefit from Portable Storage

- To better market to, communicate with, and solve problems for your consumers you need to understand how to identify their preferences, lifestyles, and experience quickly. The consumers looking for portable storage are not always the same individuals visiting facilities.


The Young and the Restless: the Typical Portable Storage Renter

- Realizing that convenience and adaptive mobility are things that unite all the various consumer segments, this article poses a possible trend. The modern individual will continue to rent longer and live their lives one year at a time, often moving, which is good news for portable and self storage.


3 Tips to Market your Portable Storage Containers

- Written by us...StoragePug...a marketing software company. We advise applying mostly web-based techniques to ensure your potential customers can find you, learn about you, compare you, and rent with you without hurdles.


Online Rentals for Portable Storage | SiteLink API Integration

- This article fills out the more technologically centralized issue of ensuring success in renting portable units. Less about your internal tools, this article talks about the tools your website need to schedule deliveries, integrate with your other software, transparency, and automation.


  • The Big 3 Uses for Portable Self Storage

  • Portable Storage Perfection: Selecting the Right Company for Your Needs

  • How Big of a Portable Storage Container Do I Need to Move?

  • Storage Tips When Using Portable Storage Containers

  • Portable Garages: House Your Car with Ease




We hope that this post exists as a useful compendium to answer any possible questions that might arise.


- Whether you’re personally curious and contemplating ideas to increase productivity.


- Whether you find yourself continuously talking with other industry players about portable storage but feel your knowledge is incomplete.


- Whether you want to provide potential clients or your team with pertinent information to make a sale or empower your staff.


If any of these apply, then please return to this article as frequently as you need to navigate throughout and get the answers you may be searching for.

StoragePug is continually helping our self storage clients be found among their competition, wherever they are located. We help to convert website visitors into clients and tenants quickly. We do our best to give our client’s customers the tools to stay longer and stay happy. With the increase in portable storage’s popularity, we are doing the same for portable, mobile storage operators. From researching the market, sharing those insights, and developing portable specific tools like our “instant quote” feature; StoragePug is committed to educating ourselves to give all of our client’s customers the best experience.

Thank you for considering StoragePug a resource and thank you for your attention. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to reach out and ask us anything!

* Here are some additional resources that were monumental in helping us gather quality information:



There are even more specific citations that you can find throughout each article that we reference and link to throughout the readings.


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