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    Self Storage Web Design

    At StoragePug we design custom websites built exclusively for self storage facilities! We offer a full range of features from online rentals, online lease signing, email alerts and more. Storage Owners: make the most of your business.

    How To Drive Up Rental Rates With A New Website

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    If you are the owner of a self storage facility, you are probably always looking for ways to increase your revenue.

    You could raise the prices of an in-demand storage unit size. However, even though this tactic can work, it needs much coordination between staff, current customers, and the information you market to potential customers.

    How To Manage My Self Storage Online Social Media Reputation

    Your browser does not support SVG George Robinson

    If you are in the self storage business, you already know how it can become a shell game nightmare if not managed correctly. Without proper vigilance and tools, you might end up guessing which shell someone’s precious belongings are under—and, more horrifically—where that shell is heading.

    Engage Self Storage Customers by Showcasing your top Amenities

    Your browser does not support SVG Matt Huddleston

    Share your best features with visitors right on your homepage.

    When a visitor comes to your self storage websites let them know more about your self storage business with ease.

    One of the biggest myths around how people interact with websites is that a visitor reads every word on the page.

    Self Storage Kiosk vs. Marketing Website: Which is Better for Your Self Storage Facility?

    Your browser does not support SVG Jennifer Pfliegler

    Consumers expect many of their daily transactions to be automated or incorporate technology of some kind.

    From the increasing use of online banking to the ubiquity of ATMs and movie rental kiosks, technology has become commonplace throughout society.

    The self storage industry is not immune.

    Self storage kiosks and marketing websites are increasingly common in the self storage industry.

    How long does it take to see results from SEO for Storage Facilities [Quick Article]

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    As a self storage owner or marketer you may be wondering; how long it takes for SEO to get results for storage facilities? 

    The answer to this is simple. It depends on your self storage website and your level of SEO expertise.

    That being said you can typically expect results within 2-4 months.

    Community Marketing and your Storage Facility

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    Getting involved in your community is a great way to bring awareness to your storage facility!

    Most people in your community will need self storage at some point.

    Community marketing can bring your facility new tenants, increase brand awareness and can be a cheaper alternative than traditional advertising.

    The Importance of Geo-Location SEO for Your Storage Business

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    What did we do before the Internet? We listed in the yellow pages, advertised in local newspapers, rented billboards, and maybe ran a radio spot or two.

    But the Internet has changed everything. You can rent units on your website!

    Today, when prospective customers need self storage, the first thing they are likely to do is run a Google search for units in their geo-location.

    Drone Photography: Outshine your Self Storage Competitors

    Your browser does not support SVG Tommy Nguyen

    Remote controlled Drones have been around for years.  These high-tech devices are perfect for highlighting the quality and security of your self storage.  

    Using sweeping and dramatic angles, there is no replacement for the capabilities of your flying camera.

    Customizable Colors, Logos, and Content

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    A marketing website is a big opportunity for any type of brand to advertise. There are few mediums that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world like a website.

    At StoragePug, we make sure our customers can put their brand's best foot forward when it comes to their website by making it as customizable as possible.

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Enable Discounts on Website

    Your browser does not support SVG Tommy Nguyen

    In a competitive market, discounts can be a great way to get new customers to move in. Whether you're expanding, building, or simply need to fill up units, offering discounts through your website can be a great way to increase your occupancy.

    You can read more about how StoragePug implements discounts here.