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Your logo is AWESOME. Now you have two options: Put it everywhere as large as possible OR use it the right way. Let's talk about branding on your website!

Having issues with your website? Before you panic, come check out these tips for troubleshooting issues with your self storage website.

Conversion should be the focus of every piece of your self storage web design. See how StoragePug can help you get more rentals here!


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Learn how Value Pricing for Self Storage improves the renter experience and increases revenue using concepts from airlines, hotels, and car rentals.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to get your business in front of customers! Learn to run a good self storage PPC campaign here.

Using extensive analytics research, client interviews, and tracking of our existing websites, our design and website teams create responsive, accessible websites made specifically for self storage.

Self storage facilities spend considerable amounts of money to obtain leads. However, knowing follow-up techniques to turn leads into potential renters is a critical piece of the self storage sales cycle.

In today’s increasingly digital world, self storage facilities must improve the self storage customer experience (CX) for new and potential tenants. One of the key areas where customer experience is especially critical is online rentals for self storage.

In self storage, setting discounts to attract new tenants is a common practice. However, discounts can quickly eat into profit margins or attract the wrong kind of customer if not implemented purposefully.

Developing a pricing strategy to increase revenue at your self storage facility is critical. Take a look at three different self storage pricing strategies and examine methods to increase revenue, such as adjusting street rates and increasing rates for existing tenants.

Once leads start arriving at your website, the focus shifts to converting them. Here are 11 ways to convert self storage online leads into storage unit rentals!

To be at the very top of Google, your storage facility needs to venture into the world of self storage online ads and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

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