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2020 Self Storage Workshop:
A Virtual Gabfest

Streaming Live on March 17th from 11am to 6pm EDT 


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What is Gabfest?

The 2020 Self Storage Gabfest is a live, virtual conference for self storage owners, operators, managers, and investors.

Gabfest Highlights:

  • 12 Action-packed Panels
  • 20+ Peers (Owners, Managers, and Operators)
  • 30+ Pros (Operations, Marketing, Technology, Lending, Portable, Legal)

Join us for a free, one-day, online self storage workshop, featuring industry pros and peers discussing the real life wins and pains of operating, building, marketing, and crushing self storage. It’s a Gabfest when you arrive!

Featuring topics like The Whole Customer Experience, Hiring Best Practices, and State of Self Storage: Trends and Numbers, we invite you to learn about new developments, keep up with best practices, and start a discussion with both panelists and other attendees so we can all grow together. 

Attendees can tune in for the entire live broadcast or drop in for the topics most relevant to them. There will be something for everyone!

Watch the Welcome Address. Get excited for March 17, 2020!

How it works?

The entire event will be streamed live via Zoom on March 17, 2020 from 11am to 6pm EDT. You can attend from any device, computer, or browser. Look out for the access link in your registration confirmation email.


Meet your co-hosts:


Stephanie Tharpe

A+ Management Group

Self Storage Background:

Stephanie Tharpe is the president of A+ Management Group LP, and currently manages locations in Tennessee, Georgia, Texas and Florida. She is the 2020 President of the Tennessee Self Storage Association.

Stephanie has been a featured speaker, roundtable host, and operations panelist at several national and state association conferences for the last seven years.


Tommy Nguyen


Self Storage Background:

Tommy Nguyen is co-founder and COO of StoragePug. He enjoys giving talks on all things technology, operations, and marketing at national and state-level self storage association conferences across the country.

Since graduating from the University of Tennessee in computer science, he's founded a number of tech startups before creating StoragePug with fellow college friends, Matt and Richard. He's a husband to an amazing lady and father to three cats.


Melissa Huff

MR Management

Self Storage Background:

Melissa is the owner of MR Management & Consulting LLC, offering management and consulting services specifically to state self storage associations. She began her work on the state association level with the TN Self Storage Association (TNSSA) in 2009 where she served on the Board of Directors for several years before accepting a paid position as their Administrative Director in June of 2014.

Melissa is also the VP of Operations for CAS Holdings LLC, which owns and operates a variety of residential properties, as well as 9 self storage facilities, in Tennessee and Kentucky under the Affordable Storage Guys brand.

Why the Self Storage Gabfest?

No Travel

What’s better than a room full of industry pros and peers discussing all things self storage? A “virtual room” of pros and peers! You can attend the virtual conference from the comfort of your office, home, or even a coffee shop. Plus, no flying needed! Pajamas optional.

Industry Pros and Peers

We personally invited these select industry pros to share their experience and expertise in self storage. Hear not only from self storage vendors but also your peers: owners, operators, managers, and investors who face the same issues as you, have the same questions, or might even offer a solution you haven’t thought of!

Free for Everyone

Continuous education is a key to success in a rapidly growing and changing industry. We’re excited to bring the 2020 Self Storage Workshop: A Virtual Gabfest free of charge to everyone in or looking to join the industry! Access to the event materials after March 17, 2020 will be made available online.


Gabfest Agenda

Learn What You Want

Attendees can choose between three different tracks to best fit their interests or switch between them for a more well-rounded conference experience!

  1. Gab Focus
  2. Operations and Development
  3. Marketing and Technology

Fun and Education for Everyone

  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Owners and Managers

Printable Conference Program

Looking for a printable agenda? We got you covered. Download the official Gabfest Agenda here. Check the online agenda below for the latest updates, times, and panelist line-ups.

All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time.

Time (EDT) Session Pros Peers Focus Track
11:00 to 11:15am Welcome! Tommy Nguyen, Stephanie Tharpe, Melissa Huff Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
11:15 to 11:45am Hiring Best Practices Jim Mooney, Bob Copper Stephanie Tharpe Owner Operations and Development
11:45am to 12:15pm Giving Managers the Tools to Succeed Sue Haviland, Cindy Ashby, Jim Ross, Denise Bowley Ben Hendricks, Jason Lee Manager Gab Focus
12:15 to 12:45pm Chaos to Control: How's & Why's of Online Auctions Pete Whittingslow, Lonnie Bickford, Alonna Ross Stephanie Tharpe, Bob Vamvas, Linda Nunn Owner and Manager Marketing and Technology
1:00 to 1:30pm Legal Minute Jeff Greenberger Stephanie Tharpe Owner and Manager Gab Focus
1:30 to 2:00pm Revenue Management Scott Worden, Peter Spickenagel, James Appleton, Jim Ferguson Jim Mooney Owner and Manager Operations and Development
2:00 to 2:30pm Maximize Your Online Exposure Tommy Nguyen, Christina Alvino Jennifer Perkins, Chad Lundberg, Jess Casto Manager Gab Focus
2:30 to 3:00pm Tenant Acquisition Tommy Nguyen, Scott Worden, Holly Fiorello Chad Lundberg, Matt Clark Owner and Manager Marketing and Technology
3:15 to 3:45pm The Whole Customer Experience Jim Mooney, Sue Haviland, Cindy Ashby Jess Casto, Phil Murphy Manager Gab Focus
3:45 to 4:15pm Automated Operations Bob Copper, Terry Campbell, Jim Ferguson Jane Sauls, Raheem Amer Owner and Manager Gab Focus
4:15 to 4:45pm Self Storage Financing: A Look at SBA Loans Terry Campbell Jane Sauls, John Manes Owner Operations and Development
4:45 to 5:15pm Creative Ideas for Relocatable Rentals Lisa Maloney Calvin Byrd Owner and Manager Operations and Development
5:15 to 5:45pm State of Self Storage: Trends and Numbers Cory Sylvester, Anne Williams John Lindsey Owner Operations and Development
5:45 to 6:00pm WRAP-UP Tommy Nguyen, Stephanie Tharpe, Melissa Huff WRAP-UP WRAP-UP WRAP-UP

Industry Pros

Industry Peers - Owners, Managers, and Investors

Gabfest FAQs

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