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What's the cost of obtaining a rental? How much does your marketing really cost, and is it worth it? We get into the details of how to figure it all out.

Feeling the pressure from national storage chains in your market? Here are some ideas for keeping up with their low prices.

Curious about what storage is like around the globe? Here's a look at self storage in Korea and what we might be able to learn from it!


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Want to reduce redundant face time with tenants? We have five helpful tips to free up your time and elevate your customer service!

Do you offer free wifi at your storage facility? Should you be offering it? Let's look at when it's appropriate and beneficial!

Streamline your maintenance with our Self Storage Maintenance Checklist! This customizable checklist was made by storage owners for storage owners.

You should be optimizing how your managers spend their time—both for their sake and for yours! Let's take a look at how you can make it happen.

Here are a few helpful tips we've learned about marketing for our single-operator friends! Click here to learn more!

What are your customers expecting out of you this year? What trends should you be aware of? Find out here with the data to back it up!

Dreading your next collection call? Follow these tips to make yourself feel more confident and turn your next call into a success!

Have you been wondering what you get when you pay someone to do your marketing? Join StoragePug as we look at the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing!

Make sure you're prepared to answer questions about your facility's technology! It's important to know how to teach your customers. Let's talk about how!

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