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Claim Your Account with Gate Code

April 12, 2018

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Today, we go over how your tenant can claim her account on your website. All she needs is her Gate Access Code and unit number, both of which most people have memorized.

The Payment Portal integrates with SiteLink, so your tenant can now stay on your website to pay for her unit or set up auto-pay - all without ever leaving your website.

Once the account has been claimed, both your tenant and manager will be notified via email. This makes it feel official, and plus your manager can now get excited for the incoming online payment.

Note: if your facility doesn't have a gate, we have you covered too! Instead of asking for the Gate Access Code, we can ask the customer for the phone number they have on file with you in SiteLink. Easy peasy!

Check out the video below. See you next time.

Tenants Claim Their Account on Your Website with Their Gate Code


Payment Portal: Claim Account with Gate Code from StoragePug on Vimeo.

Video Transcription

Hey there, Tommy here with StoragePug. Today we're going to go over how your tenant might claim his or her account on your new website.  This is one of my favorite StoragePug with SiteLink integrations, we were able to actually create a payment portal where the customer stays on your website without go into new tabs, new services, it's secure and the big thing is that it actually keeps your branding consistent with your website and your identity.  So let's get started.

So when the tenant goes on your website they can click Pay Bill and if they already have an e-mail address and a password from when or where you were using the old SiteLink portal, that's great, they can continue doing that.  But for new customers that's no problem, they can click right here where it says Claim Your Account.  We make it really easy for them, all we require is their gate access code and their unit number, and if they're not sure what those things are they can just call the manager.  And I'll show in SiteLink real quick right here where that information can be found.  Of course everybody knows where the unit number is in SiteLink, and then the gate code is right here under that tenant profile.

So in this case my unit number is PB931, and my gate code is 110110. So here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to go back here to the Claim Your Account screen, I want to put in my gate code, 110110, my unit number is PB 931 and I want to put in my e-mail address, tommy865@storagepug.com, put myself a password.  Alright. 

And once I've created this account what's really nice is that next month when it's time for me to log in and pay my bill I use the same e-mail and the same password. I won't ever have to use this gate code online or my unit number online ever again.  So  I'm going to click right here and make an account.  And during this process the manager will get notified optionally, we can turn that on or off, and the customer can also get notified.

What's really kind of neat with the notification for the manager is that now the manager can be aware that someone's on the website, they can know that if somebody has a question they're right there and they can be available. 

So here it is, "Welcome. Hello Tommy Nguyen."  So it's very personalized and as you notice it keeps the branding intact and it keeps all of your assets and they may really just stay on your website, so that kind of builds trust with the customer.  And right here it is, so now I can manage my unit, that's PB931. Alright and we'll make another video so hang on or watch out for that series.  I'll go dive into some of the neat features that you can do, that the tenant can do from inside their payment portal.

But recap, today we went over how to claim your unit online account with your gate access code as well as your unit number.  What's actually really neat that I didn't go over in this particular video is that if you don't have a gate code or a gate system at your facility and you're just a drive-up or there's no gate what's really neat is that we can also let your customers claim your account with just their phone number and their unit.  So again my name is Tommy, hope you enjoyed.  Thank you for tuning in.

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