StoragePug Wins $10k at Innov865's Startup Day 2018

September 26, 2018

2 min

As a follow up to our announcement of our participation in Innov865's Startup Day 2018 pitch competition, we are pleased to announce that we took home both prizes!

The competition was stiff, with great companies and representatives. See below:

Lux Semiconductors: pitched by the CEO and founder Shane McMahon. They create semiconductor substrates for the electronics industry.

GeoAir: pitched by the CEO and founder Alex Adams. They develop custom drones to detect mold in fields of crops in a proactive way to give farmers time to manage mold before the crop is ruined.

Nth Cycle: pitched by co-founder and CEO Megan O'Connor. They recover and recycle rare earth metals from electronics to be reused in new products to reduce waste and create a new source.

BrewFund, Inc.: pitched by co-founder and CEO David Nelson. They have built a craft beer gifting app as well as a loyalty program for taprooms.

Real Good Kitchen: pitched by founder Bailey Foster. They are a culinary incubator and community kitchen set to open next year.

For more details, click here.

Tommy Nguyen, COO and co-founder pitched to inform the audience and judges about StoragePug's online rentals and self storage marketing, self-funding, and how we became profitable in 11 months with 100% retention.

The $10,000 prize was split into two portions: $3,000 for the crowd favorite and $7,000 for the judges' favorite. The whole StoragePug team was pleased to win both.

StoragePug would like to thank the Innov865 Alliance, the judges, the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, the Mill and Mine, and everyone else involved with making the event happen!