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Tenants can update account information from inside your Payment Portal. Information updated will sync back with your SiteLink so data remains consistent.

A StoragePug Marketing Website can automatically adjust unit rates on your website by integrating directly with your Self Storage Management Software.

Offer discounts to tenants directly on your self storage facility website. Fill up faster by offering a free month. Increase occupancy with a move-in deal.

Automatic billing improves your self storage business. Customers prefer automatic payments! Tenants can set up auto pay through your online Payment Portal.

Tenants can claim their account on your website. All needed is a gate code and unit number. The Payment Portal integrates directly with Sitelink.

StoragePug leverages SiteLink's payment processing for credit card transactions. If you prefer, here's how to set up SiteLink use it instead.

With StoragePug's SiteLink integration, tenants can set up their gate access code during the rental process or update it from their Payment Portal.

Today we're going to go over how to create a sitelink API user so that we have the credentials to tie into your SiteLink information.

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