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    Sitelink Integration

    StoragePug connects directly with SiteLink, so your online inventory is always up-to-date. Online rentals register immediately with your on-site management software. No more double booking! No more extra fees! Our marketing websites are carefully designed exclusively for self storage. Our payment portal allows your tenants to easily pay & sign up for auto pay from any device. Inside the customer portal your tenants can schedule their move out date, pay their bill, make a prepayment and more!

    [SiteLink API] Rent Portable Storage Containers on your Website

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    As portable storage containers gain popularity amongst renters, traditional self storage operators are adding portable (mobile) storage options to their list of amenities.

    Renters want a seamless experience when shopping for storage online, so it is essential to offer user-friendly tools that keep customers engaged on your website.

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Enable Discounts on Website

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    In a competitive market, discounts can be a great way to get new customers to move in. Whether you're expanding, building, or simply need to fill up units, offering discounts through your website can be a great way to increase your occupancy.

    You can read more about how StoragePug implements discounts here.

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Online Bill Pay

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    When I worked at a self storage facility in college,

    I never enjoyed chasing down late payments. Most of the time people would simply forget to pay. Sometimes it was no simple task to get them to drop by the facility to make a payment. We have found this is normally the case at most facilities.

    If the facility is big then managers may spend the whole month tracking down delinquent payments.

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Schedule Move Out Date Online

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    Maximize your space and increase occupancy by letting customers schedule their move out date online.


    [SiteLink API Integration] Online Rentals for Self Storage Facilities

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    Over the last 5 years digital technology has changed; a lot.

    As digital technology has progressed, customers expectations have changed.

    If your self storage facility doesn't offer online rentals, you're missing out on tenants that could be yours!

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Offer Tenant Insurance on your Self Storage Website

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    Offering tenant insurance for your self storage facility increase your profits for your facility. It increases revenue by giving a chance at proverbial "checkout" to giving clients another avenue to spend more money. 

    This money spent, however, is money well spent in the eyes of a consumer. This is not a gimmick, people have differing levels of value and a tenant will know if they are or are not storing things of importance to them when using your storage unit. The likelihood is, that if a tenant feels they are storing things that they need to protect then they will opt-in for tenant insurance. 

    Offering your tenants peace of mind when they store their stuff on your property. This value and peace of mind is the foundation of a quality relationship between renter and rentee. 

    [SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Prepay for a Unit

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    When customers know how long they will stay or simply don't want to deal with paying month-to-month, we recommend offering prepayment options. Paying for months or periods of time in advance, and tenants do this so to mitigate any risk of late fees or so to budget their money more appropriately. 

    One of the neat features of the Payment Portal is we allow tenants to prepay up to 12 months in advance, making it easy on them while decrease the number delinquencies and collection calls. Keep your clients happy through your self storage website.

    [SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Update Tenant Account Info

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    Today, let's go over how a tenant can update their account information from inside your Payment Portal. Any information they update will be synced back with your SiteLink so their data remains consistent throughout.

    [SiteLink API Integration] Storage Unit Rate Optimization: Boost your Profits

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    The REITs are using a price optimization strategy to maximize profits by adjusting unit prices. The big guys are trying to fluctuate price to fill up facilities and get all the business possible. 

    They do so based on a number of factors, such as availability of a certain unit and the occupancy rate.

    However, There are tools out there to let you be able to do the same. Tools utilizing your existing software, and extensions of those features that can be made available on your website so that potential customers can find you and rent with you quickly. 

    [SiteLink API Integration] Offer Discounts on your Self Storage Website

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    There are many reasons to offer discounts to your tenants directly from your self storage facility website.

    Maybe you just opened and you want to fill up faster, so you offer a free month.

    You have a lot of 5x10's available and you want to incentivize those by offering a $1 move in special.