[SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Update Tenant Account Info

April 18, 2018

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Today, let's go over how a tenant can update their account information from inside your Payment Portal. Any information they update will be synced back with your SiteLink so their data remains consistent throughout.

Once a tenant has rented a unit through your website, that tenant can now change information such as:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Drivers License
  • DOB
  • Alternate Contact
  • Gate Access Code

Here's a video of this feature in action. Enjoy!

Payment Portal: Update Tenant Account Info from StoragePug on Vimeo.

Online Rentals Offers Ways to Track Metrics and Vital Information about Tenants 

Due to our integration with Sitelink, or general property management softwares, your inventory and the information associated with the inventory is tracked, collected, and maintained in real time. 

Some self storage operators have an aversion to spending the time and money to have a fully functional website tied to their software because it is hard trusting the storage of "THE CLOUD." However, whenever an online rental is completed on your website with our integration, you can immediately, from wherever you are, access that information, edit it, and even use it in the future to gauge how well a marketing effort worked or if a particular discount was effective, and more. 

This integration also takes work out of your hands because it empowers tenants to fill out any information missing from fields on their account. People, renters too, love when information is complete and, more importantly, correct, especially when it comes to themselves. So, save time by allowing your tenants to provide you with the necessary information. 

This makes everyone's lives a bit easier and less complicated if an issue does come up in the future. 

Having this information be updated almost automatically, through notifications from your StoragePug website, software made smarter by StoragePug, and your dashboard, makes your time spent more efficient. 

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