StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Online Bill Pay

May 1, 2018

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When I worked at a self storage facility in college,

I never enjoyed chasing down late payments. Most of the time people would simply forget to pay. Sometimes it was no simple task to get them to drop by the facility to make a payment. We have found this is normally the case at most facilities.

If the facility is big then managers may spend the whole month tracking down delinquent payments.

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With the rising demand of consumers to rent a unit or make a payment on self storage websites it's important your website looks and functions the best. Don't send your tenants to another website to pay their bill, let them pay it directly through your own!

Compete against large storage operators and the public REIT's with a custom portal directly on your self storage website!

Self Storage Online Bill Pay by StoragePug

Every StoragePug Marketing Website comes with our Customer Payment Portal built right into it! We built this portal to help your Self Storage property managers track down payments with ease.


Self Storage Payment Portal built by StoragePug Self Storage Payment Portal built by StoragePug

Self Storage Property Management Software Integration

Our self storage payment portal integrates directly with your self storage property management software, such as SiteLink. Your managers get notified of payments in real time. All of the payments that go through the StoragePug self storage payment portal go directly through the payment processor that you are already using.

Your tenants portal updates in real time. They can clearly and quickly see what they currently owe and pay it. They can also see the previous payments they have made towards their self storage unit(s).

Let your tenants pay without Leaving your Website

Build trust with your customers. When you go to a companies website to pay a bill and it redirects you to a site that looks totally different (in addition to there being other companies logos your tenant does not know) it does not let your client feel secure when trying to pay you!

Bring clarity to their purchase. We make sure to put the total that they are paying in the submit button. This way your tenant knows exactly how much they are paying.

Storage Pug's Self Storage Payment Portal lets your tenants pay their bill without leaving your website Storage Pug's Self Storage Payment Portal lets your tenants pay their bill without leaving your website


When your tenant is trying to pay you that process should be as simple as possible!

At StoragePug we took extra time to design our self storage customer payment portal with your tenants in mind!

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