StoragePug Launches New Website

September 20, 2018

Old StoragePug website next to the new website
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The StoragePug team is excited to announce our brand new website. To really make our brand stand out, we decided to introduce more cohesion into our brand presence – online and offline.

If you are involved with the self storage industry, then you know that trade shows are a big deal. Whether it's a state or national association show, it's important to stand out.

With that in mind, we felt taking on an "ultra-modernist" design language would be the best way to accomplish our goal.

First, our booth needed a serious upgrade. When we first started out, we went with a "safe" setup.

It was a traditional tablecloth with a runner, "swag" spread across, a tv to the side, and of course a floor banner or two (shown below).

Old StoragePug booth at TNSSA


This setup was good, but that's the best that can be said. We needed it to be great. The colors aren't particularly good, and the font is honestly just ugly. To stick out, we chose a better color scheme.


new StoragePug color scheme


We want to put our best foot forward, not our good foot. That's why we found a booth that would not only show that, but blend well with our new design language.

New StoragePug booth at SSA Vegas 2018

Back to the "ultra-modernist" design language. The name makes it sound way fancier than it really is.

What we wanted was something friendly, yet compelling and interesting.

As web developers, designers, and marketers it is important to us to not just keep up with trends but to set them.

Particularly, as a company that ensures you will have one of the best self storage websites, we had to have the best self storage company website.



Old StoragePug website next to the new website


With that in mind, we built a website that is truly next-level. Comparing our old website to the new website makes it clear that there really is no comparison.

Finally, we gave the pug a facelift.

Old StoragePug logo - full body


Old StoragePug logo head


New StoragePug logo full body


New StoragePug logo head












While the original logo has the potential to be iconic, the new design gives us more options.

As you can see across our website and blog, our pug is all over the place and in different poses.

We think our hard work has payed off and hope that you, the reader, can appreciate it too.