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StoragePug and the Value Pricing Panel at the Fall SSA Conference

August 30, 2019

2 min

If you are coming to Las Vegas, NV for the SSA's Annual Trade show September 3-6th, then please make sure you are attending this panel.

StoragePug is participating in a "Value-Based Pricing" panel that will get a lot of people excited.

The panel is happening Thursday morning at 8:45 - 9:45.


StoragePug's Commitment to Progress

StoragePug is aware of the devotion of owners wanting to evolve the self storage industry. With this in mind, StoragePug is committing time and energy to research a new pricing topic for facility and container owners.

StoragePug hopes to educate and develop powerful tools to take advantage of this emerging pricing possibility to increase occupancy and then revenue for our clients.

To educate, Tommy and our product specialist Pugs (Zac Sharp & LT Thomas), travel to self storage association state shows to present, talk, or be available at our vendor booth.


Talking True Value for Tenants

For the 2019 Annual SSA Conference and Trade Show, the big topic for Tommy is value pricing, or convenience or value-based pricing.

Tommy is teaming up with some industry all-stars for the upcoming panel at the annual conference and tradeshow hosted by the National Self Storage Association.

The panel, including Tommy, also consists of Dr. Warren Lieberman and Ben Hendricks.  Jim Mooney, Jr. of Freedom Storage Management will moderate the panel.


How to Interpret Value and Integrate the Outcome Into Your Self-Storage Business

To add further benefit to this emerging topic, and with the inclusion of Tommy and StoragePug, the subject became more focused on online applications. The official title of the panel and scheduled event for attendees is "Value Pricing on the Internet."

The members of the panel will discuss value pricing and the intrinsic value other industries provide at check out to their customers. For example, ticketing for live events and venues or preference seating from airlines.

Then, the panel will explain the direct applications within the self storage industry. Then, further dig into the online specifics of getting started, researching more, and making a decision around value pricing.

Your website and software integrations can use this pricing methodology to tailor your price and experience to your customer's preferences. Building a pricing structure around your customers will communicate your understanding of the personal value that they attribute to their self storage needs.


This Powerhouse Panel Hopes to See You There!

Having a group of professionals from organizations like Freedom Storage, Five Star Storage, StoragePug, and Veritec Solutions makes for an exciting panel and a valuable resource.

Seriously consider attending the panel on September 5th, from 8:45 AM to 9:45 AM in the Conference area to learn more. For anyone wanting to increase revenue by making the most of high occupancy or extended rental periods, then this is a talk to attend.


Interested in StoragePug or Tommy speaking at your next event? Click to  inquire about availability!



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