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Self Storage Marketing Tips from the 2020 SSA Fall Conference

September 10, 2020

2 min

The team at Self Storage Association knows how to put on an incredible conference. At the 2020 SSA Fall Conference, I got a chance to interview experts who really, really know their self storage marketing in the first-ever Self Storage Game Show.

If you missed the live event, you can catch it On Demand here.

My favorite moment came towards the end when our game show contestants were asked: "How can I market my self storage facility to make sure I have an incredible Q4 2020?"


Check out what each of our storage pros had to say:

Find a partner that can put reporting mechanism in place. Ask deeper questions about the data. Take advantage of chatbots to guide customers down the path. - Will Harlan, G5

Have a great, highly-converting website. Make your website as user-friendly as possible. You're doing all that marketing to bring people to your website, and if you don't make it easy, you're missing out! - Melissa Stiles, Storage Asset Management

Look at the process from the moment people touch your brand to the moment the rent from you. What does your customer service look like? Are your managers sharing the right message to close that sale? - Christina Alvino, FineView Marketing

After the lead is captured, make it my job to convert that customer. Make sure you call your leads within 15 minutes, and if they don't answer, make sure you have a follow-up plan to work the lead to their fullest potential. Keep marketing to people until they tell you to go away. - Holly Fiorello, CallPotential

Tons of sage advice from some of the coolest people in the industry. 

But wait, there's more! Here are the Top 10 Marketing FAQs we tackled during the 2020 SSA Fall Conference:

  1. What social media platforms matter the most? 
  2. How do you deal with negative online reviews? 
  3. Is automated text messaging to tenants worth it?
  4. What is the percentage of users that rent online are mobile users? 
  5. Is there a best practice for naming a facility (for SEO purposes) in a smaller market? 
  6. What is “Google My Business” which many experts recommend, and how does it improve business? 
  7. What are the best keywords to target for self storage? 
  8. What are the top questions you should ask on exit surveys? 
  9. What are ways to get more good online reviews for your facility?  
  10. What are cost-effective ways to advertise online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?  

Be sure to watch the On Demand Session to learn how to win at marketing your self storage facility. Happy Renting!

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