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Questions about the 2020 Self Storage Gabfest

1 min read

First, I'd like to personally thank all the attendees who made it out to Gabfest. That was absolutely incredible. A seven hour, non-stop live stream is no joke! I'll stick to my day job. 

Second, thank you to all our panelists and sponsors who took time out of their week to hang out with all of us! Many of the panelists stayed for the entire Gabfest. Much love (and much gab)!

Finally, thank you to my co-hosts (Stephanie at A+ Management Group and Melissa at MR Management). Couldn't have done it without you!

Immediately after the event, we received encouraging and incredible feedback. We also got a bunch of really good questions!

Top Questions about Gabfest

1. I didn't make it to all of the sessions. Can I watch on-demand?

Yes! Gabfest On-demand Access is coming soon. We'll announce it on StoragePug's Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and via Email. Follow/subscribe to be notified.

2. Is on-demand access going to cost money?

No! Gabfest On-demand will be 100% free. All 12 sessions will be streamable online in their entirety, or you can watch each session on its own.

3. Will you upload the presentation docs?

Yes! We'll make sure you get access to the entire presentation notes, along with speaker info. Anyone who takes the survey can download the notes ahead of time :-)

4. What about the additional resources and links?

We got you covered. When Gabfest On-demand is available, we'll include additional resources and links mentioned in each session. Bonus: canva.com is one of our favorite tools.

5. I still have so many questions! What about the unanswered questions?

You're invited to email your questions to hello@storagepug.com. Our team will make sure we get them to the right panelist. You're also very invited to reach out to the Pros/Peers themselves! Their contact info is available in the presentation notes.

We are compiling a GIANT list of all your questions from the Live Q&A. Our team will reach out with answers from the Pros!

6. What about the "Gabfocus" sessions you guys talked about?

Nice. You remembered! We're inviting hand-picked panelists to attend a private event with an extended Q&A. Seats will be limited but Gabfest attendees get first dibs. The Gabfocus content will be made available On-demand as well.

These are the six Gabfocus sessions:

  • Giving Managers the Tools to Succeed
  • Revenue Management
  • Maximize Your Online Exposure
  • Tenant Acquisitions
  • The Whole Customer Experience
  • Automated Operations

7. I'm an Industry Pro or Peer. How can I get involved?

Amazing! We'd love to have you if you're a big fan of sharing knowledge with the community. The next time we put on a virtual conference, we'll put a call out for panelists. Stay tuned!

8. Lastly, what about the results for the Revenue Management Poll?

Friendly reminder: this is not a time to raise our rates. This is the time to be a good neighbor.

The National SSA published a great article on price restrictions and gouging. I encourage you to review the info there. Our friends at the TSSA have also published great links and resources on the TSSA website.

In case you were wondering, here is how often your fellow operators are doing rate increases:



I hope you enjoyed the first ever Gabfest. Be safe and take care of each other.


With love,
Tommy Pug

ps. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the production crew working so hard.

Photo on 3-17-20 at 9.50 AM


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