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MSSOA 2020 Virtual Conference Agenda

September 14, 2020


MSSOA 2020 Virtual Conference Agenda

2 min

The MSSOA is taking the Fall Conference virtual this year, Wednesday and Thursday, September 16-17 from 9am-12pm CST. Join us via ZOOM for education, networking, and prizes!

Be sure and visit MSSOA's page to register and find out how to join: REGISTER HERE

This will be a great way for Missouri storage operators to check-in with colleagues and learn about what's happening in the storage industry.

Our own Tommy Nguyen will be speaking, as well as Late2Lien's Jeff Greenberger, Cindy Ashby of Janus, and many more!

MSSOA - Agenda - Day 1








Day 1 Agenda

9:00 - Welcome & Opening: Vendor Introductions
9:10 - Seminar: Value Pricing for Self Storage: How to Increase Revenue by Giving Customers What They Want with Tommy Nguyen
10:00 - Vendor Spotlight: Storable
10:07 - Vendor Spotlight: StorageAuctions.com
10:15 - Seminar: Five Common Questions for Storage Attorneys with Jeff Greenberger
11:00 - Q&A
11:10 - Seminar: Lending & Market Update: SBA Self Storage Financing Options with Moe Kruger
11:30 - Vendor Spotlight: Tenant Property Protection

MSSOA - Agenda - Day 2

Day 2 Agenda

9:00 - Welcome & Opening: Vendor Introductions
9:10 - Management Seminar: Adding Value to Your Assets with Cindy Ashby
10:00 - Vendor Spotlight
10:10 - Management Seminar
10:30 - Vendor Spotlight: Erbs Management
10:37 - Vendor Spotlight: Argus
10:45 - Management Q&A Panel: Jeff Greenberger, Cindy Ashby & Brian Wofford

Don't forget REGISTER HERE!

About the MSSOA

The MSSOA is made up of a network of owners, operators, legal advisers, educators, and vendor partners to create and communicate important legal and industry information, provide in-state networking, and move the self storage industry forward in Missouri.

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