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Want to reduce redundant face time with tenants? We have five helpful tips to free up your time and elevate your customer service!

Is your self storage rental agreement foolproof? Create a better customer experience with clarity, software, and these helpful tips!

Hear from self storage experts, Cindy Ashby and Tommy Pug, about their experience and recommendations when it comes to online rental capabilities.


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No excuses allowed for not having a full functional website if you operate a self storage facility. Let potential tenants find you & rent from you online.

Some self storage operators deem meeting a tenant as a vital part of the rental process. Here are tips so you can do so but still offer online rentals.

Payment processing, depending on the process in place, can be frustrating. StoragePug advocates that automating payment for tenants has numerous benefits.

A whopping 58% of all consumers say convenience is driving a preference for completing purchases online, and self storage is no exception.

Did you know a new facility should launch a website well before it opens for business? It may sound premature or counter-intuitive, but there are several compelling, logical reasons why launching your website before your grand opening is a good idea.

As all self storage investors know, the more units you rent, the more money you make. If you don’t offer online rentals on your website, you’re missing out on revenue. Read on for ten reasons why your self storage website should offer online rentals.

Automatic billing improves your self storage business. Customers prefer automatic payments! Tenants can set up auto pay through your online Payment Portal.

Rent more units on your self storage website. StoragePug's urgency badge increases conversion rates by creating urgency for web visitors marking low stock.

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