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Get More Online Rentals by Realizing How Potential Tenants Buy

October 7, 2019

Eunice - Fauxcility
4 min

Consumers want a quick, easy, and delightful way to make online reservations.

Marketing your self storage facility to attract new tenants is a lot different today than it was even 15 years ago.

Today’s customers still want the same things in a self storage facility – a clean facility with lots of light, excellent security, and a convenient location at an affordable price. However, how they find your facility and how they conduct their research beforehand has changed dramatically.

Today, consumers do much, if not all, of their research online. While as recently as 15 years ago, consumers would have limited access to analysis online. Today, everything they could want to know about your facility or your competitors’ facilities, is right at their fingertips. This information is not only vast but convenient, with researching being accessible while at home on their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

That’s why it is so essential to market your company and fully optimize your website to be found online now.

A new study conducted by Bazaarvoice speaks directly to the importance of this. The study found that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store, and 45% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

While this study was focused on consumers purchasing products, the same trends exist for businesses in any category. A vast majority of consumers do their research on a product, service, and company online before they ever walk through the doors of a brick-and-mortar location to make a purchase or sign up for a service.

To go even further, 40% of consumers expect the companies they do business with to provide mobile-friendly websites and online ordering. That means even if you are just selling a service, a good portion of your consumers is going to want to be able to make a purchase right on your website.


Marketing and SEO

All this research on how important online research and ordering is for today’s consumer indicates just how essential getting people to find your website really is. There is no one best way to do that; instead, it takes a concerted effort in a few areas.

First, make sure your offline marketing materials – print advertising, flyers, billboards, and other advertisements – all include your website address and display it prominently.

The idea is to embed that URL in the consumer’s mind, so he or she doesn’t forget it. The call to action of your ads should be for consumers to visit your website.

Next, you need to be up to date on your Search Engine Optimization. The better optimized your site, the more likely it is that you’ll appear at the top of results on Google and other sites. Ranking high for related searches will make sure consumers close by will find your facility.

This effort includes filling out your information and creating a profile on various online directories. Similarly, creating and building your social media accounts and presence to link to your website helps.

Another opportunity to take advantage of are creating partnerships with local organizations, so they link to your page.

Local SEO impact's mini storage facilities in a huge way. Ensure your Local SEO basics are covered.


Make Sure Your Website Looks Good

When consumers come to your website, you want it to look clean, sleek, modern, and be easy to navigate.

What loads on a person’s screen when they type in your URL should wow them and make them want to take another action. Moreover, when they want to take another step – say, to find your address or, better yet, research a rental unit online – they should be able to surmise where to go to get that with ease.

Your website should be optimized to automatically configure itself for whatever device a consumer is viewing it on, whether that be a traditional desktop computer or a smartphone. Again, if it doesn’t look right or if it’s hard to navigate, consumers will bounce off your site instead of taking another action.


Be Informative

A big part of the success of your website design is not just the ease of use, but the clarity in the information it provides.

The power of technology and the internet allows you to take advantage of all options at your disposal. This actuality means you don’t just want to “soft-market” your self storage facility; you want to provide as much information as possible.

The idea of having a good website for your facility is to allow potential tenants to read about the modern amenities and features you offer, as well as a listing of the units available.

This listing page should be easy to find, and also provide in great detail what units you have available; including sizes and monthly rental price.

You don’t want your website to be a place that only guides visitors to call or visit your location to get all this information. You want to provide it to them right then and there because that’s what they’re going to expect.


Make the Conversion

At this point, you’ve successfully gotten potential tenants to the point where they are ready to take action and rent a unit at your facility. Why make them wait to do so? Why take the chance that they won’t change their mind between the time they visit your website and have the opportunity to come into your office to sign a lease?

In this day and age, It’s easy today to design your website. Make sure your website lets users do the minimum without having to step foot on your facility. To do this your website should include - 

  • a quick and accessible portal for potential tenants to
  • give the ability to reserve a unit at your facility
  • during the process, let potential tenants digitally sign the contract and lease
  • consumers should be able to make a payment, and set up recurring autopay.

Consumers are accustomed to making purchases online nowadays, and self-storage facilities can provide this convenience as well.

Increase your revenue by increasing your occupancy by integrating an online rental solution into your website. This inclusion on your website will increase your conversation rates in an automated, self-service way. It will also go a long way in proving to potential tenants that you are a legitimate, prominent, and up-to-date business that is ready to serve all their needs.



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