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Is social media necessary for self storage? Join StoragePug as we dive into the ways social media can help you grow your business - and the ways it can't.

When prospective customers need self storage, the first thing they are likely to do is run a Google search for units in their geo-location. Geo Location is critical for your SEO for Self Storage.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is one law that self storage owners need to be intimately familiar with in order to avoid liability and risk.


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At StoragePug, we make sure our customers can put their brand's best foot forward when it comes to their website by making it as customizable as possible.

Did you know StoragePug has a Help Center? This article originally appeared here. When I worked at a self storage facility in college, I never enjoyed chasing down late payments. Most of the time people would simply forget to pay.

StoragePug integrates with your self storage management software to pull the insurance you're offering. It's nothing extra to offer tenants insurance on your website!

Rent more units on your self storage website. StoragePug's urgency badge increases conversion rates by creating urgency for web visitors marking low stock.

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