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Gabfocus Spotlight: How do you track your digital marketing ROI?

October 28, 2021

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2 min

Digital marketing works best when you are able to see precisely what kind of return on investment you're getting from the money and time spent. If you can't track your ROI, you could be spending money in all the wrong places when it comes to your marketing. You could even be missing out on spending more money somewhere that is working exceptionally well.

In this Spotlight, Ken Turley of Storable provides some expert tips on tracking your digital marketing ROI and ensuring you're spending your marketing budget wisely.

Question: "How do you track your digital marketing ROI?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:

Lets Get Digital - Spotlight 2 - Video


In this Gabfocus Session: Let's Get Digital: Understanding digital marketing, SEO, and Google My Business, we spoke with Ken Turley of Storable and Josh Huff from Affordable Storage Guys and talked about many aspects of digital marketing in relation to the self storage industry.

Check out the full Session to dive deeper! 

Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Ken had to say:

The digital channels I focus on are Google, especially with your pay per click campaigns, your paid ads. It's going to work as long as you're setting it up correctly. And again, this is where I don't say that you can't do it by yourself or anything. But again, I just want you to be very careful of how you set up your campaigns because you can waste a ton of money by doing really simple things that don't seem like it's an incorrect thing to do.

Google Ads is tricky, and it can be tricky. Make sure you are very good at it or you have someone take a look at it just so that you're verified on what you're doing and what your approach is.

The kind of the follow up the ROI on that is really depending on what your website and your rental process looks like. If your website has the ability to get goal completions and UTM tracking and stuff in place that will allow you to-- when you get your performance, you'll actually see how many specific rentals you had or how many specific phone calls depending on how you set up your goal completions, make sure that if you do that, that you set up conversions and that you have your conversion tracking set up.

Sometimes websites—just based on whoever your website provider is or your software—sometimes it doesn't allow you to get all the way to a full rental, and so there's other ways you can do it. You can do what's called just a page load where it can just, 'hey, I got this many people to click on the rental button for this unit' like it went to the next page, and that's as far as you can go.

That's okay. It's better than nothing.

The best case scenario to get to where you can fully track your return on investment by knowing 'I spent this much money, got us this many clicks, and then this many rentals. I got to see that ratio play out.' That's super important because that allows you to know what to do for your next campaign if and when you decide to do that."

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