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In this Gabfocus Spotlight, Alonna Ross of StorageAuctions.com shares her tips for a successful self storage auction.

Brian Wofford of Storage Masters reminds us why clear expectations are a top priority when handling collections, late payments, and auctions.

Collections are rarely something we want to talk about, but they are a significant part of any self storage business. In this Spotlight, Alonna Ross of StorageAuctions.com and Brian Wofford of Storage Masters discuss a topic every operator and manager has to deal with - late payments.


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In this Spotlight, StorageMax's Nick Newcomb walks us through how his team calculates lead values and how that determines their marketing strategy.

Leasing up your self storage facility is one of the biggest challenges an operator can face. In this Session, VP of Marketing for Absolute Storage Management, Grace Totty explains the different silos of marketing strategies and when to use them.

Atomic Storage Group's Rick Beal talks about why marketing takes time and why you should experiment.

Atomic Storage Group's Magen Smith talks about what makes customers choose your self storage facility.

Atomic Storage Group's Rick Beal talks about why onboarding is the "most important part of the customer journey."

Whether you're new to the industry or you're a seasoned pro, it's good to reflect back on what you've learned. In this Spotlight, Tommy and Nguyen share their biggest self storage lessons and offer advice for new operators to keep in mind.

Operators and managers are often wondering which discounts, promos, or concessions they should give. You want to grab potential customers' attention, but you don't want to give too much. In this Spotlight, Melissa and Tommy remind us that whatever discounts you give, make them a one-time thing.

Website metrics and customer data can be tricky to understand. Unfortunately, tools like Google Analytics feel like they're made for marketing experts. In this Spotlight, Tommy points out the website metrics that matter most and how often we should be checking them.

In our Session, Real Problems New Owners Face, Denise Bowley and Jane Sauls offer advice and perspective for how new owners can be set up for success.

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