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    Why the Google 3 Pack Is Crucial for Storage Facility Marketing

    Your browser does not support SVG Amanda Myers

    Self storage facilities, for the most part, serve local renters. We satisfy the needs of our community. That's the basic composition of local business, even if somewhat oversimplified. We know, however, that things are really more complicated than that.

    Technology has changed the way consumers find and relate to businesses and brands.

    What is Local SEO

    Your browser does not support SVG Sophie Nguyen

    StoragePug is a modern marketing company for self storage. We create intelligent marketing websites that allow you to rent units & take payments through your facility’s website.

    Local SEO is one of the most important things you can do for your self-storage business.

    About 80 percent of your potential customers will search online for self-storage companies before selecting one to call and give their business.

    If you aren’t using local SEO techniques, they may never know your facility even exists.

    What are Local Listings?

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    Get Your Self Storage Business on the Web with Local Listings

    Even if you are just starting your self storage enterprise, you certainly know that the storage industry spins around the axis of location: your facility location, your customers' location, the location of your pods or portable units, or even the location of your storage transfer vehicles (ie moving trucks). 

    Top 3 Ways to Show up on the Google 3 Pack

    Your browser does not support SVG George Robinson

    In today’s internet-connected world, it is more important than ever that you have a web presence. 

    About 90% of consumers do an internet search to find local businesses and research them before making a decision. Of those, 86% use Google for their search engine. 

    If you want to take your self-storage business to the next level, getting in the first page of Google results for relevant keywords is paramount. 

    The Importance of Geo-Location SEO for Your Storage Business

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    What did we do before the Internet? We listed in the yellow pages, advertised in local newspapers, rented billboards, and maybe ran a radio spot or two.

    But the Internet has changed everything. You can rent units on your website!

    Today, when prospective customers need self storage, the first thing they are likely to do is run a Google search for units in their geo-location.

    SEO Best Practices

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Starting from our inception and continuing today, one of the biggest self storage marketing focuses at StoragePug is SEO. The first step to getting online rentals is getting found by tenants searching for facilities in their area.

    Our websites follow SEO best practices to achieve the best reach on search engines. With SEO best practices we convert web traffic into paying tenants!

    Offering online rentals helps to drive the online conversion rate.

    Self Storage Websites: Sitemaps - Why They Matter

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Perhaps you've heard of a sitemap before, but have you ever seen one or know what they are used for?

    For the casual internet surfer, they aren't very important. In fact, it would be argued they don't matter at all.

    However, sitemaps are quite important in terms of SEO.