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A sitemap provides clues to site crawlers about a website. The information provided about a give page can include: the URL, how important the page is (to create a hierarchy), update frequency, and date modified. All of this information is useful for a crawler to know how and when to crawl a website.

StoragePug integrates with your self storage management software to pull the insurance you're offering. It's nothing extra to offer tenants insurance on your website!

StoragePug WANTS to hear about the features our clients want! We always add improvements and features into our platform based on the people who use them.

Be contacted by potential tenants with accurate information on your self storage website. A primary function of a facility website is to be an open channel.

We believe operators should control their own content. StoragePug gives a platform and dashboard to create and edit content on your self storage website.

Offer discounts to tenants directly on your self storage facility website. Fill up faster by offering a free month. Increase occupancy with a move-in deal.

Responsive: if a website is responsive, the website is designed for any device. For some, a tablet or mobile phone is the only way to access the internet.

Ever StoragePug Self Storage website has customizable email alerts when users take key actions. Make sure you get the right alert at the right time.

Rent more units on your self storage website. StoragePug's urgency badge increases conversion rates by creating urgency for web visitors marking low stock.

We believe the online self storage rental process should cover all the basics. One way is by creating our own streamlined online lease sign - PugSign!

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