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Is your self-storage facility's security as good as you need it to be? Here’s a look at five things you should be thinking about now and into the future as you address your self-storage facility's security.

The REITs are moving more and more features online - don't get left behind! Join StoragePug as we explore how to automate your self storage facility.

Before jumping into the discounts-and-specials game, evaluate your occupancy, the phase your business is currently in, the condition of your facility and other factors. Here’s a look at four important things to account for when considering discounts and specials.

It is essential to have multiple strategies in place for the appropriate time to begin increasing your rates to maximize success in the self storage industry.

Bartering (exchanging good or services for other goods or services without using any money) has been used for centuries and predates the use of money. In the self storage industry, bartering (also known as rent exchange) usually involves trading a storage unit for goods and services.

Live chat can improve your customer experience and even serve as a revenue generator for your Self Storage Business. 

According to Forbes, online reviews are the best thing that ever happened to small businesses, including self storage facilities.

Whether you are new to the self storage industry or you are a seasoned veteran, we have a useful list of key points to look for when choosing self storage management software.

When the modern-day tenant thinks of self storage, the baseline of their expectation includes cleanliness and security.

Solar power is becoming more and more commonplace at self-storage facilities due to the many benefits it can help unlock. Here’s a look at things to consider when evaluating if solar power is right for your business — as well as a rundown of the many benefits solar power offers.

Self storage facilities with better managers tend to have higher occupancy levels and rental rates. Choosing a self storage manager is a critical hiring decision for facility owners. A good manager will affect your bottom line more than any other factor.

Few industries are like the self storage industry in that the success or failure of a location relies so considerably on one or two employees - the property managers. Finding a qualified manager can be exhaustive and usually is a lengthy process if done right.

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