Gabfocus Spotlight: What are you doing to improve marketing?

March 7, 2023

quote: It's free and the #1 thing operators and managers can do. Get those photos out there, get your reviews."
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2022 seems almost like it was the conclusion of a period of three crazy years starting in 2020.

Self storage has boomed against all odds. But 2022 has also shown us that it will, most likely, start to return to a stable point. Marketing will be important to make sure to retain any traction you made in the last few years while competition continues to heat up and demand stabilizes.

In this Gabfocus Spotlight, Nick Newcomb of StorageMax and Stephanie Tharpe of A+ Storage Management Group tell us about what they think they need to improve on the marketing front—and what other operators would also do well to improve on.

Question: "What are you doing to improve your marketing?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:


In this Gabfocus Session: Year in Review 2022, we sat down with Nick Newcomb (StorageMax), Chad Lundberg (The Storage Group), Jane Sauls (Sauls Storage Group), Stephanie Tharpe (A+ Storage Management Group), and Sue Haviland (Haviland Storage Services). We discussed how 2022 went and the lessons that were learned.

Check out the full Session to dive deeper! 

Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Nick and Stephanie had to say:

I feel like our weakness has been getting updates into Google business profile as well, and getting that every time you do a post in there, it will continue to help your SEO and help you show up in the map pack.

And that's something that we're not good at, but we're working on our social media aspects."

—Nick Newcomb

"Google my business—and it's free!

And it's like the number one thing operators can do. Managers can do it.

Just get those photos, get those products out there, get your reviews."

—Stephanie Tharpe

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