Gabfocus Spotlight: How can signage & curb appeal bring in customers?

September 28, 2023

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A customer's first impression of your storage facility is critical.

That first impression starts before they ever get into the office and talk to a manager. It starts the moment they first see your facility. And for many customers, that's going to be when they drive by. It may happen before they even need a storage unit, and that impression can determine whether or not they even want to make an inquiry later on!

We were joined by Nigel Kreft of Storage Structures and Jackie Belau of Everbrite Coatings and had the chance to pick their brains about signage, curb appeal, and more!

Question: "How can signage and curb appeal bring in customers?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:

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In this Gabfocus Session: Keeping Up With Your Facility, Tommy and Melissa were joined by Nigel Kreft (Storage Structures) and Jackie Belau (Everbrite Coatings). The topic of the day? Maintaining the form of your facility through cleaning, maintenance, and more.

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Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Nigel and Jackie had to say:

You know, obviously your branding is critical, right, to success and visibility.

So we see a lot of new LED type signage going in on facilities that we're building. That seems to be the mode of communication. So, you know, in the old days with the traditional signs, that was just your single marker. But you see a lot, like everywhere you see with LED signs, you see messages, you see notifications, you see the weather, you see all those types of things.

But on the facility itself, we just see standard signage that you're seeing on most buildings. But consistency and branding, if you're a multi-facility operator, is key, obviously."

—Nigel Kreft

"Yeah, and I would say, really, I read something, and I couldn't agree more.

People don't choose storage by brand. They choose it by convenience.

And so as long as your signs are very clear that you have storage there, and if it looks clean outside. You want to have your contact information, so they can get a hold of you.

But they're not going to Public Storage because it's Public Storage and they know the name, they're going to one that's closest and clean.

If they're comparing rates, they're going to compare rates.

So as long as it's very clear that it's storage, I think that's really important because nobody is going to say, "Oh, I want Interlock Self Storage," because that's not how people think of it.

Unless they know the business already, they're going to go with, "Oh, that one on the way to work. That one looks really good. It looks clean, it looks presentable, like it looks safe."

That's how people choose storage."

—Jackie Belau

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