Gabfocus Spotlight: How can you be a better active listener?

June 19, 2024

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Though not everyone realizes it, sales isn't really about talking about your product. Sure, that's part of it, but it's only one small part of it.

In sales, our real goal is always to help a customer solve a problem. So long as your product is the right solution, all you really need to do is to listen to their needs and then tell them how you can meet them!

In this spotlight, Tommy and Melissa speak with Carol Mixon-Krendl about how to become a better active listener.

Question: "How can you be a better active listener?"

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In this Gabfocus Session: Top 5 Sales Skills for Managers, Tommy and Melissa were joined by Carol Mixon-Krendl to discuss managers, sales, and how managers can do better at sales! Their goal was to uncover the top sales skills for managers and reinforce how important managers are in the sales process.

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Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Carol had to say:

I do listen, but I also like to talk. But I think the fun part of this is where managers, if they can take feedback and not be hurt by it, and saying, "You know what? You missed this little section right here where they said something really critical and then you went right on."

And some of this, Tommy, some of this is like, well, my mom passed away and that's an opportunity to stop and say, "I'm so sorry. You know what? We can really help you and make this process a little easier. And I've had that happen to myself," or talk about it, but that's where that human part of the manager really comes through.

And I don't want them to just get on that sales thing and start going because it doesn't really help anyone when they're opening up to you to tell you something.

Or one that I heard that was on a sales call at a call center and the girl opened it by, saying, "Well apparently, my boyfriend has a new girlfriend that's going to be here in the next 30 minutes, and I have to have all my stuff out."

And the agent said, she was new fair enough, she said, "How much stuff do you have?" And I was like, how much stuff do I have? You need to say, "You know what? I am so sorry. You shouldn't be treated like that. You're going to find a better guy, and we're going to take care of you."

You know, and then, you know, help them. But you can't ignore what they say. That is bringing them into storage. Right? Especially if it's a sad story or whatever. You got to acknowledge it.

And, and we do hear weird stuff like the, especially during COVID you wouldn't believe. My parents died. My, both my mom and dad got COVID and they died. You've got to say something about that. You can't overlook it.

Because that's just salesmanship."

—Carol Mixon-Krendl

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