Gabfocus Spotlight: How do you handle collections, lien laws, and auctions?

July 1, 2021

self storage collections
1 min

Collections are rarely something we want to talk about, but they are a significant part of any self storage business. In this Gabfocus Spotlight, Brian Wofford of Storage Masters reminds us why clear expectations are a top priority. 

Question: "How do you handle collections, lien laws, and auctions?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:


In this Gabfocus Session: What Now? Handling collections, auctions, and lien law, we discuss how to navigate these tricky (and personal) topics. With a clear process, straightforward communication, and diligent follow-through, you can make it easier and safer for your team and your customers.

Check out the full Session to dive deeper! 

Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Brian had to say:

"Be clear. Be transparent about all expectations. When they should pay, how they should pay, the way they should pay, how many ways they have they can pay.

If you're clear with everything up front and you have a very honest conversation right off the bat with them that you have expectations and they have expectations and making sure everything's just laid out on the table. Very easy for everyone to know.

That seems to just go a lot better. And the biggest lesson, God, just be nice to the people. Be nice. Say, "Thank you." Say, "Yes, Sir." Say, "No, Sir."

Maybe if they need to go out on the lot and you see them struggling, you're outgoing around, do anything you can to assist your customer because that will make you more money down the line.

Kindness creates money and money buys you kindness. So remember that."

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