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Self Storage Blog

    Introducing StorageCat: A Better Way to Store Your Cat [April 1st, 2019]

    Your browser does not support SVG Tommy Nguyen


    As owners and managers of self storage facilities, you're always on the hunt for smart ways to attract new tenants and give your existing tenants the best experience. 

    The Three C's come to mind: ComfortableConvenient, and Cat-friendly.

    At StoragePug, we love animals of all sorts: dogs, humans, managers, bears, and even cats. Being a dog-centric company, we've felt recently that the Pug Platform doesn't serve our feline friends very well.

    That changes today. Introducing StorageCat: A Better Way to Store Your Cat!

    We're committed to building bold, amazing, and helpful tools for the self storage industry.

    Keep reading to find out why StorageCat** is the next amazing self-storage innovation. Go ahead and a get in touch when you're ready!

    Storagepug Recognized as One of Top Tennessee Tech Companies to Watch

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Powderkeg national innovation network, Launch Tennessee, and other such as the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center have released the 2018 Tennessee Tech Census titled Grit and Growth.

    According to Powderkeg's website, the Tennessee Tech Census is "The latest insights into Tennessee's startup growth, workforce, fundraising, companies to watch, and uniquely gritty tech culture."

    Self Storage Management Software Checklist

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Whether you are new to the self storage industry or you are a seasoned veteran, we have compiled a useful list of key points to look for when choosing a self storage management software.

    Decoding Self Storage Technology in 2018

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Over the past decade, the real estate investment world has really started to take notice of the self storage industry. While there are some downsides such as saturation, there are upsides as well. In addition to newcomers seeing opportunity in storage, so have technology companies.

    Although self storage has traditionally been behind when it comes to technology, the past couple years have seen some great innovation in several categories: Marketing, Self Storage Management Software, IoT/IoE Platforms, Access Control, Security, Mobile Apps, and Automation.