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    StoragePug Launches New Website

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    The StoragePug team is excited to announce our brand new website. To really make our brand stand out, we decided to introduce more cohesion into our brand presence – online and offline.

    If you are involved with the self storage industry, then you know that trade shows are a big deal. Whether it's a state or national association show, it's important to stand out.

    Obtaining Positive Reviews for Self Storage Facilities

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    77% of the US population use social media. Word-of-mouth has the power to influence communities. 

    91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

    Usually, a good experience travels slow at first and gains momentum over time. It takes time, but can help with marketing significantly.

    When a tenant has a bad experience they tell their friends about it immediately. 

    7 Easy Digital Marketing Methods for Self Storage

    Your browser does not support SVG Amanda Myers

    In the past, word of mouth, basic radio advertising, or even an ad in the newspaper was enough to get your self storage facility a little extra attention, but not anymore.  

    Today, 91% of adults search online for their needs, whether it’s to purchase directly from an online retailer or to decide who they want to shop with locally.

    Give your tenants what they want!