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Determining if Live Chat can Help Your Self Storage Business

September 17, 2018

Determining if Live Chat can Help Your Storage Facility
3 min

Live chat offers have become a common support tool in e-commerce and online business. You may have started noticing this trend yourself!

Consumers are becoming accustomed to their questions being answered quickly and conveniently via live chat.

Customers can perceive live chat as more convenient or accessible than picking up the phone or email.

If implemented correctly on your website, live chat can improve your customer experience and even serve as a revenue generator for your Self Storage Business

Live chat can also supplement your self storage marketing plan, because once leads land on your website, they need to have a great experience.

In this article, you will find out whether live chat is worth the investment for your storage facility website.

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How to Consider if Live Chat is Worthwhile

Not all types of businesses benefit equally from live chat. Consider the following questions before implementing live chat:

1. How involved are the products offered?

If you offer complex products whose quality or benefits are not immediately evident to the average customer, then it can have a measurable impact on your sales when customers and prospects reach you quickly via live chat.

Storage units alone aren't exactly complex products, but taking the process of selling the value of storing at your facility into account is complex (enough).

Using live chat software as a sales tool can turn website visitors into customers just as effectively as if they were to call your manager or stop by your facility.

On the sales side, live chat is particularly suited to convince previously uncertain prospects that the products/services offered are the best choice.

If you sell a simple product such as baked goods, implementing live chat will likely have a much smaller impact on your sales. Customers are less likely to have questions about such a simple product.

Further, there isn't much difference between places that have a specific type of pie in stock; therefore the investment does not make sense in this type of situation.

2. Are there customer support opportunities?

Complex products or services often have more room for more complex or unique problems.

While an FAQs page or support phone line may suffice for many customers' needs, live chat offers the best of both worlds.

FAQs are only able to address basic issues, but it is by far quicker, more comfortable, and more convenient to find a solution than to pick up the phone. While phone support isn't as timely, it's a great way to help someone get through an issue that is unique and hard to explain.

Live chat is convenient because it is embedded right on your website, but does not sacrifice the conversational advantages.

Good live chat operators can quickly explain technicalities just like a sales associate would do in an electronic or cosmetic store.

3. How much traffic does your website have?

Staff costs are the primary cost factor of live chat, so the best way to justify the use of the software is if your site has a certain amount of daily traffic and activity.

When it comes to volume implementation, as a rule of thumb one can assume that, from 150 unique visitors per day, a site has enough activity and interaction within the site to benefit.

4. Unmanned Facilities

Live chat provides a significant benefit for unmanned facilities. In conjunction with a kiosk or website, live chat call centers can fill the void of not having a manager on-site.

One downside to self storage kiosks is that people have to come onto your property to interact with it. Live chat helps alleviate that problem.

Call centers, which are the vendors for live chat in the self storage space, are cheaper than hiring a manager. Plus, if you have a manager at a different location, you can save their sanity by allowing them to support just one location for the most part.


For storage facility websites, the answer is more found often than not in the question: Do you have the web traffic?

Consider how your managers spend their time, and if freeing them up with the benefits of a live chat company's operators taking support, payment, and rental calls off of their plate.

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